SHAPE Rigging Solution for the Sony FX6 Released
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Canadian third-party accessories maker SHAPE has just released a complete rigging solution for the Sony FX6. The complete kit consists of a cage that holds a top plate / side plate / bottom plate, a 15mm lightweight rod adapter, a top controller handle, a push-button viewfinder mount, a remote extension handle and a 19.5V D-tap power supply Contains cables and a swiveling battery plate for V-Mount / Gold Mount. Of course, you can buy each part individually. Let's take a closer look at this SHAPE all-in-one solution for the Sony FX6!

The Sony FX6 was announced last November. If you missed them, you can check out our in-depth review here. This camera, which can almost “see” in the dark, is slowly falling into the hands of customers.

As usual, accessory manufacturers bring their solutions to market to improve the usability of the camera. Following the Sony FX9 and Sony a7S III accessories, SHAPE has just released its complete rigging solution for the Sony FX6.

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FORM Sony FX6 cage

Let's start with the core of this system, the SHAPE Sony FX6 Cage. This cage consists of an upper plate, a side plate and a lower plate.

The top plate. Photo credit: FORM

The top plate is attached to your camera with four screws. Like all other components, it is made of lightweight, robust CNC-milled aluminum and fits around the native Sony FX6 top handle.

Photo credit: FORM

The SHAPE faceplate offers you many 1/4 "-20 and 3/8" -16 threads with standard locking anti-rotation holes. There is also a threaded hole to insert the FX6 sensor pin and the FX6 viewfinder cable clamp that came with the camera.

The side plate. Photo credit: FORM

Next comes the side panel, which attaches to both the top right and bottom panels. This side plate offers three 3/8 "-16" and two 1 / 4-20 "mounting points with positioning pins. There is also a rosette attachment.

The bottom plate. Photo credit: FORM

The final component of this SHAPE Sony FX6 cage is the base plate, which is attached to your camera with two screws. The base plate has numerous 1/4 "-20 and 3 / 8-16" attachment points to secure your own quick release fastener. However, the base plate is natively compatible with SHAPE's 15mm base plate for the FX6.

The SHAPE Sony FX6 15mm base plate. Photo credit: FORM

SHAPE FX6 15mm base plate

This lightweight 15mm base plate is designed to fit the optical center of the Sony FX6 and adjust all of your accessories to the correct height. All you have to do is slide the base plate into the base plate, fix it with a screw and off you go.

Photo credit: FORM

I like this flat and non-proprietary design which means you can attach whatever quick release plate you want to the bottom of the base plate. The baseplate also comes with a pair of 15mm rods that are 12 inches long the length of the baseplate.

Photo credit: FORM

Upper handle of the SHAPE FX6 controller

If you want to expand your rig further, a controller top handle is available. This handle attaches to the original Sony top handle with a bracket and looks like a natural extension.

Photo credit: FORM

Thanks to SHAPE push button technology, you can quickly turn the top handle of the controller up or down to suit your needs. It has multiple 3/8 "-16 threaded ARRI holes to allow more camera accessories to be attached to your rig.

Photo credit: FORM

A wooden Canadian maple finger grip on the vertical handle is a nice touch.

Photo credit: FORM

SHAPE FX6 push-button viewfinder mount

The viewfinder mount that came with the FX6 is great, but you will probably find it difficult to get into a comfortable shooting position when operating the shoulder rig. To solve this problem, you can add the SHAPE FX6 viewfinder bracket, which allows you to adjust your screen to the perfect angle.

Photo credit: FORM

The pushbutton viewfinder mount is equipped with a 15mm rod and 2 pushbuttons for horizontal, vertical and transverse adjustments. These settings allow a 360 degree rotation. The rod clamp with ratchet button allows you to slide the bracket to adjust the viewfinder distance perfectly.

Photo credit: FORM

Remote extension handle and cable

A shoulder rig is not complete without moving the handle that came with the camera. The SHAPE remote extension handle is a 5.6 "adjustable length (11" when fully extended) adjustment handle that allows you to reposition the FX6 remote control handle.

Photo credit: FORM

This handle can be easily attached to the FX6 using an ARRI rosette connection and a button screw on one side and a native Sony handle connection on the other. The arm is also equipped with SHAPE's push button technology to adjust the angle quickly and easily.

Photo credit: FORM

It comes with a 10-inch coiled LANC extension cable that connects the remote control handle to the camera body and maintains full functionality after the move.

V-Mount / Gold Mount battery plate and D-Tap cable

Last but not least, SHAPE released two battery plates for V-Mount and Gold Mount users. These panels attach to the SHAPE FX6's top panel with two screws.

The push-button system allows you to tilt the battery plate up and down for easy access to the rear connector and enable hot-swap of the BP-U battery.

Photo credit: FORM

The swiveling battery plate offers you a D-Tap connection with a digital protection fuse.

Photo credit: FORM

An optional D-Tap power cable for the Sony FX6 is also available and supplies / regulates the output power to 19.5V so that your camera gets the right amount of juice.

Price and availability

All products are available immediately. The SHAPE Sony FX6 cage is priced at $ 263 / € 277 excluding the 15mm baseplate ($ 198 / € 209). However, a bundle of both products is available for $ 399.

The push-button viewfinder mount is priced at $ 263. The pivoting battery plate is priced at $ 347 / € 367 and includes the D-tap cable, which you can purchase separately for $ 87 / € 92.

Finally, the controller's top handle is $ 307 / EUR 324, and the remote extension handle is $ 351 / EUR 370.

For more information, please visit the SHAPE website here.

What do you think of these SHAPE rigging accessories for the Sony FX6? Have you received your camera yet? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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