‘S#!%house’ Trailer: Cooper Raiff’s SXSW Winner
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The IFC Films pickup will hit theaters and VoD in October, but avid fans can sign up now for previews and Q&A.

College party movies have long held on to the idea that college is the best time ever – call up a drunk man in the background and scream, "I love college!" Before falling backwards into a fraternity hedge or something like that – from the franchise “Revenge of the Nerds” to “Animal House” to more modern entries such as “Van Wilder” and “Accepted”. But what about the fun-loving students who can't have a good time with all that newfound freedom?

Such an idea seems to be the starting point for Cooper Raiff's SXSW winner "S #!% House" (formerly known as "Shithouse" and now just a little tidy up, all the better for wider movie marketing), who is just following a guy like that ( Raiff himself), who stumbles through a lonely, decidedly bogus academic year.

In his glowing SXSW review of the film, IndieWire's David Ehrlich remarked that it was a shame the film “didn't get a chance to be shown at this year's SXSW because this knowing and funny nano-budget debut was exactly the kind of film is that there's Austin Festival there to present. And that's all the more true as it sounds like a potential nightmare on paper: Raiff's vulnerable DIY gem is written, staged, and co-edited by his reluctant 22-year-old star with the help of his friends – an old story about a punk college freshman struggling with whiplash of leaving the house. "



As Ehrlich put it, the film may follow a predictable path, but it does so in the best possible way, writing, "He meets a girl, they have a magical night together, things get awkward in the morning but maybe they get into it anyway be able to help each other … you know how to do it. It's basically the platonic ideal of the film you'd expect from a suburban white American softboy who grew up with Richard Linklater and "Sex Education". "

And while SXSW was canceled this year, the festival still presented its juried awards, including a Grand Jury Prize for “S #!% House”, which received the highest award in the Narrative Feature Competition. IFC Films soon picked up the film and is preparing for a theater and VOD debut on October 16.

Before that, however, fans of profitable and hilarious college rom-coms are on the right track. In Creative Company, the North Bend Film Festival and IFC Films are hosting a live Q&A for "S #!% House" with Raiff and Gelula this week, hosted by IndieWire's own David Ehrlich. The screening will take place on Thursday, September 3, at 6 p.m. ET. Anyone who wants to see the film can register here.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the first S #!% House trailer (plus the movie's first poster and a brand new flyer for the Thursday night screening), available exclusively on IndieWire below.

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