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Open up a world of online educational and entertainment opportunities with this tablet-based setup to create screen graphics in real time.

Unleash your inner John Madden with this setup to draw on your live streams and videos.

Live drawing on your screen with tools you already have. Image over tested.

This video is from Norm Chan of Adam Savages Tested Crew. It's a pretty easy and ingenious way to draw live on your screen with tools you probably already have.

Tools needed:


OBS is a powerful free streaming and recording tool. It's one of my favorite programs for anything to do with live streaming, and it's trusted by countless Twitch and YouTube streamers.

With the color key tools typically used to replace backgrounds, Chan uses a workaround that involves using an artificial green screen on his tablet, selecting the color, and then drawing directly on his video footage. Here are the steps.

1. Set up an OBS project with your video capture device

OBS project

Camera feed in OBS. Image over tested.

Bring your camera feed into OBS.

2. Use ApowerMirror to stream your iPad to your computer

Add a window recording

Overlay the video feed. Image over tested.

Add a window recording of your iPad to OBS and put it over your video feed.

3. Open Adobe Fresco on your iPad and upload a green image

Adobe Fresco

Open a completely green image in Adobe Fresco. Image over tested.

You use Adobe Fresco as your live drawing app. To set it up, open a completely green image in Adobe Fresco. This will serve as the green screen that you enter into OBS.

4. Add a ChromaKey filter in OBS to your window capture

ChromaKey filter

Choose filter, then it is + Symbol then ChromaKey. Image over tested.

In OBS, navigate to your iPad Window Capture and right click on it. Choose filter and then click + Icon and select ChromaKey. Green is already the default, so you should be ready.

5. Adjust and scale to get the best results

You might see the Adobe Fresco interface at your top level, so you can simply zoom in on that level in OBS to take the interface off the frame.

Remember, you want to know what in-frame properties to access. I suggest drawing a border (which will not be visible in your live stream) to serve as a reference point.

6. Start drawing and streaming

Live streaming in OBS

You are now ready to start drawing and live streaming in OBS. Image over tested.

You are ready and ready to go. You can now either start live streaming in OBS or record a video to edit and publish later.

Do you need help making your live stream dreams come true? We'll cover you.

All pictures above tested.


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