Sirui Anamorphics Can Now Be Converted to RF or L-Mount
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MTF Services offers conversions for Sirui lenses for RF and L mount. There is also a conversion kit Fujinon MK lenses on RF.

When you need to adjust a lens, names like Wooden Camera, Duclos, Fotodiox, and Metabones come to mind. But if you're in the UK, MTF Services is likely skyrocketing.

The company is known for its lens adapters and gained popularity after offering Fujifilm MK for Sony FZ and Micro Four Thirds adapters. It now includes conversions for Sirui anamorphoses to Canon RF or L mounts and a conversion kit for Fujinon's MK lenses to RF mount.

Sirui offers two anamorphic lenses, a 35mm F1.8 and a 50mm F1.8. Both have 1.33 times the pressure and cover APS-C sensors. They're great lenses, but only available in Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X-mount, and Micro Four Thirds. This is generally true of most shooters besides Nikon's DX. Since the Canon C70, RED Komodo, and Panasonic S-Series all have Super 35 mode, conversions from MTF Services are a welcome addition.

The converted lenses are based on the Micro Four Thirds versions of the Sirui anamorphosis. The lenses completely cover the image circle of the RED Komodo and Canon C70, allowing anamorphic 4K 2.4: 1 images to be created. In addition, the lens covers the sensor of the Canon EOS R for 4K recordings, as the sensor is cropped 1.7 times.

Try it out: a cropped full-frame sensor has the advantage.

With EOS R5 and R6 shooters, there is vignetting on the edges with a 1.35x crop due to the full image sensor.

For those with a Panasonic LUMIX S1H, S1 and S5 camera, you can switch to 4K Super 35 or 3.5K 4: 3 anamorphic mode to use the Sirui lenses without cropping. Both lenses have an image circle that covers the Super 35 mode. After pressing, the picture offers a ratio of almost 2.35: 1. In the 3.5K 4: 3 mode you still get a 16: 9 picture.

As with HF conversion, there is approximately 1.35 times vignetting in full frame recordings.

If you already own the Micro Four Thirds version of the Sirui lens, the RF or L mount conversion will cost you £ 150 ($ 200 USD) plus tax and shipping.

MFT Services also offers a kit to convert the native mount of Fujinon MK lenses to RF. This is a similar service from Duclos. The kit comes with a spare collar. MTF RF bracket made of stainless steel, light guide plate, fastening screws and rear lens cover. Although it can be purchased from the MTF Service website, it should be installed by an authorized technician.

During the installation the The converted Fujinon MK cine lens completely covers the Super 35 sensor in 16 x 9 in both the RED Komodo and the Canon C70. The MK 50-135mm T2.9 also completely covers the wider 17: 9 mode (Open Gate) of the RED Komodo with all focal lengths and T-apertures.

Expected coverage of the adapted Fujinon MK 18-55 mm T2.9 on RED Komodo 6K 17: 9

The MK 18-55mm T2.9 covers Komodo 17: 9 mode at larger apertures, but has some corner shading of 20mm to 18mm at its widest end when stopped. From 21 mm, it completely covers the sensor area.

The conversion kit for the MK 18-55mm T2.9 or MK 50-135mm T2.9 Costs £ 325 (+ VAT) ($ 440 USD). The company also offers a conversion kit for MK lenses for L-mount, which costs £ 225 (+ VAT) ($ 305 USD).

Visit the MFT Services website for more information.


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