#SixtyScarySecond Short Film Competition Winners !!
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Out of so many incredible # 60ScarySecond short film competitions it was very difficult to choose our winners to be seen at the 2020 Raindance Film Festival !! Well … we did it! Your people will join us on our online platform kino.raindance.org, where we host the online virtual festival accessible to the whole world. While the lockdown may have put us down, the filmmaker is unstoppable.

Here are our incredible winners:

Find these filmmakers on our online festival between October 28th and November 7th!

About Bailey Graham

Bailey is a filmmaker and marketer from the great white north of Canada.
Coming from illustration, she put her creativity into the branding and marketing of the Raindance Film Festival, which originally started as a Raindance intern in 2019. She has now won numerous awards from Adobe and other art organizations and is currently in the process of creating her next short film.

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