Sketchfab’s models of the month: September 2020
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Sketchfab Models of the Month: September 2020

Saturday, October 3, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Sketchfab offers everyone an easy way to publish and share their 3D models online. To celebrate the best in real-time 3D art, we asked the Sketchfab team to pick the top 10 models on the website this month.

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Student of YAN
22.8k triangles (after conversion)

Anne_Persona 5 by Joker Y.
11.1k triangles

Fan Art from Atlus & # 39; PlayStation RPG Persona 5.

Fallout Miami I.Z.A.C.C supercomputer by Pavel Tarnowski.
74.3k triangles

An asset from an upcoming Fallout 4 mod based on a concept by Tyler Mead.

Anne Mésia – Yann (Kokusho) amnesia specialist
96.1k triangles (after conversion)

A character from Furet Company's mobile game Les Enquêtes de Anne Mésia.

Southbank Undercroft Skatepark by David Fletcher
1.8 M triangles

A photogrammetric reconstruction of the skate park in London, UK, made from 2,773 source photos.

Download the model in OBJ, glTF, or USDZ format under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Corvette Stingray by Harrison Dorn
635.4k triangles (after conversion)

Download the model in Blender, glTF, or USDZ format under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Chiptune bot from Matt Tonks
21.0k triangles (after conversion)

Based on a concept by Cameron Sewell.

PigMan by grigoriyarx
37.1k triangles (after conversion), animated

Download the model in FBX, glTF, or USDZ format under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Stylized toad by Anil Kumar
39.0k triangles (after conversion)

Inspired by a picture by Rudy Siswanto.

Proof # RTJ4D by Andreas Focht
455.2k triangles (after conversion)

One of the winners of Sketchfab's recent Run The Jewels art competition.

Get the model in OBJ, glTF or USDZ format under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Would you like to vote for a model of the month? Just like your favorites on the Sketchfab website or upload your own!

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