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From the Slugline blog:

Today is a big day.

Since we released Slugline, the most common request has been to get Slugline on iOS.

It took a long time because we wanted to do it right. We noticed that we need to rewrite the scrolling so that it works quickly and smoothly. We knew we had to speed up pagination. We wanted to support fancy new iOS 11 things like split-screen and drag-and-drop.

We have done all of these things. And now Slugline for iOS is available on the App Store for $ 19.99.

One thing I found interesting when we were working on it: In the early days of Slugline, people often asked for an "iPad app". We never really thought of Slugline for iPhone, only iPad. But that has changed, of course, with larger and more powerful phones, but also with the emerging collective feeling that a phone is really a productivity tool. I bet authors will use Slugline more on iPhone than on iPad.

Anyway, that's enough of me. Get it!


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