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SmallHD announced four new monitors specifically designed for RED camera shooters: the SmallHD Focus Pro. The Focus Pro and Focus Pro OLED are 5-inch monitors with a single SDI input that can control your RED Komodo or RED DSMC2, similar to the SmallHD Cine7. Let's take a closer look at these robust monitors!

Credit: SmallHD

SmallHD Focus Pro lineup

The SmallHD Focus Pro is a new line of 5-inch monitors that currently consist of four monitors. This series of field monitors is based on the success of the original SmallHD Focus, a small, lightweight "budget" monitor that only has an HDMI connection. However, the SmallHD Focus Pro monitors work in conjunction with RED DSMC2 and RED Komodo cameras. However, you can use them with any camera if you want.


The SmallHD Focus Pro on a RED Komodo model. Credit: SmallHD

These four SmallHD Focus Pro monitors can be divided into two categories: SmallHD Focus Pro monitors and Focus Pro OLED versions. Then you have the choice between RED DSMC2 versions and RED Komodo versions. There is no difference in the monitor (DSMC2 vs. Komodo); They are just two different software licensees. SmallHD Focus Pro LCD and OLED are the two display options.


Credit: SmallHD

SmallHD Focus Pro features

The SmallHD Focus Pro monitors are made of milled aluminum with a weight of only 255 grams. The LCD version has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a maximum brightness of 800 nits, which should hardly be enough to take it in bright daylight. The OLED version has a better resolution of 1920 x 1080, but a maximum brightness of only 350 nits. In addition, both versions are touchscreen displays.

In terms of input, the SmallHD Focus Pro monitors only have an SDI input connector on the left. If you input a 3G-SDI YCC 4: 2: 2 10-bit signal, the maximum resolution is 1080p60. On the right side you will find a 5-pin output for the camera control and a 2-pin locking connection for the power input (7-16.8 V power input). Regarding the power supply, there is an integrated Sony L bracket on the back of the monitor.


Credit: SmallHD

The SmallHD Focus Pro monitors have three 1 / 4-20 inch mounting points: one at the top, one at the bottom and one on the right. Finally, there is a stereo mini jack output and an SD card slot for charging your own LUTs.


Photo credit: Phil Holland

OS4 and camera control

Both the LCD and OLED versions of the SmallHD Focus Pro have SmallHD's OS4 software. OS4 gives you access to all the monitoring tools you need, including customizable frame guides, exposure wizard, high-resolution 3D LUT overlays, histogram, vector scope, waveform, and focus wizard.

The main selling point of these new 5-inch monitors on the camera is the camera control function. In fact, the Focus Pro can connect to your RED Komodo or DSMC2 via the lockable 5-pin USB connector. You can then access camera controls and project settings using the touchscreen menu control. You can adjust almost any camera setting, e.g. B. Recording formats, resolution, frame rates, shutter speed, aperture setting, auto focus, sound output card, emphasis reduction, 3D LUTs, record / stop and more.


Credit: SmallHD

SmallHD Focus Pro hinge bracket

Finally, SmallHD released a friction-based hinge bracket for its Focus Pro monitors. It is compatible with both the LCD and OLED versions and is used to mount your monitor on the RED Komodo.

The hinge bracket has a medium 1 / 4-20-inch bracket with anti-spin positioning pins and is attached to the Komodo with two 1 / 4-20-inch screws. You can adjust the friction by loosening or tightening the hinge screws.


Credit: SmallHD

Pricing and availability

All products are currently in the pre-order phase and should be delivered in August 2020. For RED Komodo users, the SmallHD Focus Pro LCD costs $ 599 and the OLED version $ 699. If you're using a RED DSMC2 camera, the Focus Pro Kit LCD costs $ 849.00 while the OLED version costs $ 949.00.

The SmallHD hinge bracket costs $ 99.00 and is similar to the GDU Komodo monitor bracket, which only costs $ 79.00. More information can be found on the SmallHD website here.

What do you think of these new SmallHD Focus Pro monitors? Are you considering getting one for your RED Komodo? Let us know in the comments below!


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