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Here is a smoke ball VFX that I was working on.
The main idea of ​​the spell is to manifest a gas ball that can be ignited with fire.

I'm looking for general feedback on the effect (theme, timing, contrast, etc) and have a few more specific questions.
I tend to have swirling smoke / cloud over and over when doing textures for gas because I like the way they look in isolation. But they never seem to work well in VFX I made. Are they just not good for VFX because of their more pronounced looks? Or should I just create more textures so they are less repetitive and that solves the problem? Or should everything just be animated by hand? Here is the swirly smoke I made. I would also appreciate your feedback!

2. Is there a tool or something that can help organize the timing of different particle systems for an effect? I found that I would repeatedly change the lifespan / delay of various systems by 0.1 or 0.2 every time I wanted to change the timing of the overall effect and it felt inefficient.
Edit: I was just thinking of another question. Is there any way to change the base of the render plane based on the distance to the view? Often times I want an effect that orbits another, but they keep flickering when they are on the same rendering plane.

I'm new to the community here. Is it better to post here, in Discord, or both for feedback?

Thank you so much!


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