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From the publication:

Builders Club's reputation for creating beautiful images for some of the coolest brands in the world has grown in the international creative community. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the company has continued to grow rapidly and has expanded its London team with the hiring of Sophie Gunn as executive producer.

Sophie joins the company from MPC (The Moving Picture Company), where she has contributed to the growth of MPC Creative over the past five years and in a variety of projects both directly at the brand and alongside agencies for companies such as Palace, Burberry Has worked, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Audi and Asics among many others.

Sophie also oversaw the successful growth of the MPC's motion design studio, growing it from a handful of designers to a bustling division of over twenty artists. This led to her promotion as Executive Producer of MPC Creative in London, where she focused on any production project that was “outside the traditional vfx department”. Before MPC, Sophie worked at the HHCL Agency and switched as a VFX producer.

As part of her duties at the Builders Club, Sophie will oversee the production processes and ensure the continued growth of the company and its track record. Sophie will play a vital role in ensuring the flow of new projects.

Even during the pandemic, the creative production agency has been working on a multitude of new projects non-stop, including the first TVC for Dutch electric bike brand VanMoof, a campaign for the new ZX range from Adidas China, the Nike ISPA campaign and, most recently, an interactive campaign for Mercedes Benz Projekt Off-road vehicle. With an increase in projects, Builders Club has expanded its portfolio not only to include CG projects, but also to include live-action shoots, strictly following government and industry health guidelines.

In the past six months, the company welcomed Sophie Gunn's hiring of five new CG artists and a marketing and sales representative to further consolidate its growth path.

Founders Julien Simshauser and Jonas Hegi added: “Although 2020 is a strange year for some, the Builders Club has been incredibly lucky to keep getting stronger. It was the perfect time for us to expand our team and welcome Sophie on board.

Your agency, production, and post-production experience will be invaluable to us and our customers. Sophie's experience with clients at agencies, post offices and ultimately a production company gives her a great global perspective on the different ways we can help our clients and their businesses. "

Sophie Gunn, EP, Builders Club, commented: “I am very excited to be joining the Builders Club team. Jonas and Julien have really challenged the structure of a traditional high-end studio model and deliver amazing results every time. You care about maintaining creative standards and using new technology – in all media – to get the best results. They are real in their plight of being authentic and getting through the noise. It's very refreshing and I'm happy to be a part of it.

I am very much looking forward to helping the Business Builders Club further establish and cement its reputation as a world leader in their craft. I've always had a real passion for a live action look combined with high-end motion design and animation, and I love how our artists can push the boundaries of modern software to create a visually engaging hyper-real aesthetic that completely captivates the audience. Brands love it too. "


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