Sound Devices 8-Series Recorders Get a Big Bump in Wireless Audio Support
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Recording multiple tracks of wireless audio just got easier.

Sound Devices has released a firmware update for its 8-series recorders that includes the 833, 888 and Scorpio and unlocks a number of important functions. Most notable is the SuperSlot support for the Wisycom MCR54 4-channel receiver. When a recorder of the 8 series is combined with the SuperSlot radio module SL-2, it can receive up to 8 radio inputs when used with 2 Wisycom MCR54 receivers. In addition, the older SL-6 SuperSlot model supports up to 2 channels per slot for a total of 6 wireless audio inputs.

For those of you who don't know what this all means, here's a breakdown. The Sound Devices 8 series are high-end mixer recorders that are used to record production sounds and are even part of post-workflows. You can think of these as more rugged and intuitive Tascam or Zoom recorders, although the Zoom F8n and F6 are pretty notable in terms of their prices.
Scorpio attached to an SL-2Recognition: Sound equipment

In the 8-series recorders, each accepts a certain number of inputs. Size, weight and portability usually limit the number of inputs for field use as the production sound mixer will most likely need to switch between different settings, e.g. B. from a conventional cart to a bag. Not everyone can afford multiple recorders for every setup, so manufacturers try to keep them nimble. The SuperSlot radio module adds wireless audio to the equation without removing the inputs.

You simply connect the wireless receiver to the SuperSlot SL-2 or SL-6 and then connect the SuperSlot to the recorder via a connection. This way, no cables, power or audio connectivity are required. In addition, the SuperSlot has an integrated antenna distribution, inputs for additional audio and output power. As of now, the SuperSlot only supports wireless connections from Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Wisycom and Audio Limited, which are owned by Sound Devices.

Zaxcom Nova and a wireless MRX414 receiver

You might think that's pretty cool. And it is. If you are familiar with Panasonic's slot system, first introduced by Ikegami, SuperSlot is similar. It is actually backwards compatible with the Panasonic version. For more nuance and perspective, Zaxcom offers similar functions through its Nova Recorder-Mixer. Instead of having to connect a separate SuperSlot module, the wireless receivers can be inserted directly into the rear of the recorder. Zaxcom offers several receiver options including the MX214 which can be paired with 2 transmitters and the MX414 which can be paired with 4 different transmitters for up to 8 wireless audio channels. The difference is that with Zaxcom you have to use Zaxcom Wireless. The Sound Devices setup gives you the option to use other wireless features.

One question that arises is whether Zaxcom's WiFi will ever be compatible with the SuperSlot. Most likely not. Zaxcom initially tried to be part of SuperSlot, which is open through a licensee program with its SRX220 slot receiver. However, after developing it, Sound Devices decided not to support it. Which begs the question, if you have a licensing program, why not allow someone who is willing to develop a product to be included in it? In any case, we don't see this crossover anytime soon, especially since Sound Devices has picked up Audio Limited, which essentially copied Zaxcom's technology for its A10 Digital Wireless System.

In addition to the new SuperSlot compatibility with Wisycom, firmware version 7.0 offers a number of new functions. Please refer to the support page where you can download the firmware for more information.


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