Sound Devices released Major Firmware Update v7.00 for 8-Series
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Sound Devices just released a major firmware update for the 8-series mixer / recorder. Along with a long list of improvements and additions, the most notable addition is SuperSlot support for the Wisycom MCR54 wireless receiver and the compressors on all buses. The SD-Remote app has also received a v7.00 update with additional functions.

The newly released firmware update version 7.00 applies to all Sound Devices 8-series mixers / recorders, including the 833, 888 and Scorpio.

The main new feature is SuperSlot support for Wisycom MCR54, which allows users to perform RF control such as setting the frequency, starting and viewing RF scans, editing parameters and menu items directly from the 8-series mixer / recorder can perform.

With the firmware update, compressors are now available in all buses and on all channels before or after fading. A new Q-Marks feature (also known as Cue Markers) allows users to set markers to identify specific locations on recordings.

There is also a new update of the SD-Remote app version 7.00. The update includes some new views and a remote control for fader, trim, pan and file transfer modes.

Wireless control of firmware update v7.00 for 8-Sereis. Source: audio equipment

Changes and corrections

The new firmware update v7.00 also brings many changes and corrections to the 8-series mixer / recorder. Some changes will help users improve their workflow. i.e. the format of the Sound Report filename is now changed for easier identification; The virtual channel will not turn off automatically when the gain is set to -inf, the new user interface for selecting the Dante source, and more.

Some problems with the SLS2 SuperSlot Wireless Module from Sound Devices and the SL-6 SuperSlot Wireless Module as well as the CL-16 user interface are fixed with the firmware update v7.00.

The Sound Devices Firmware Update v7.00 for 8-series mixers / recorders can be downloaded free of charge from the Sound Devices download page. You can also find details of all new features, changes and corrections on the Sound Devices download page.

What do you think of the new features and corrections in firmware update v7.00? Is there something you are waiting for? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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