Spyro : Sketch #38 - Real Time VFX
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Hello !

I will take part in this month's sketch: ~ Comet ~ !

To be honest, I really wanted that to be the subject musicSo I decided to incorporate some musical elements into my sketch 🙂

My idea is to create some kind of game menu, something like a starry background with a rotating planet, a big comet in the foreground that stays here, a huge title "COMET" Synthwave style and a fading text that says "Press X to Start"with elements synchronized with a catchy / optimistic music, Chipzel, Water flame, or something else

I have some mood references:

^ Image by Tim Barton

^ Image by Kevin-Mark Bonein

^ Image by Alena Aenami

^ Image by Sarah Carmody

Here is a WIP of my star space:

As for the comet, I'll go freestyle, I think ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
I have some ideas and I will try to create them.

Will post more wips in a few days!
I will do my best to finish and polish my sketch as I fear I won't have much time to work on it this month. But at least I'll have something cool I hope! : Dragons:


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