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Since production delays lead to gaps in the primetime schedule, ViacomCBS wants to fill CBS's fall list with series from the conglomerate's network family.

"Star Trek: Discovery" will be broadcast on CBS's fall show. The sci-fi series, currently only available on the CBS All Access streaming service, will air its full first season on CBS starting September 24th.

CBS, which launched a revamped fall show on Wednesday, billed the upcoming rollout of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 as a commercial for the third season of the show, which starts October 15 exclusively on CBS All Access. Network executives pursued a similar maneuver when Star Trek: Discovery premiered: airing the pilot on CBS to attract potential viewers to the company's new streaming service.

This decision is likely motivated by other needs. The news that “Star Trek: Discovery” is airing is likely part of CBS's efforts to fill a broadcaster affected by the coronavirus pandemic that halted production of numerous shows that were due to premier this fall. Some shows, such as the long-running "The Amazing Race," will return earlier this year despite production problems, but other original series from the ViacomCBS network family as well as a separate acquisition will air episodes on CBS this fall.



One Day at a Time, which switched from Netflix to Pop TV for the fourth time, will also debut on CBS this fall. Only season four episodes are currently airing, but CBS also acquired the rights to an original Spectrum series, Manhunt: Deadly Games, to make it easier to fill out the fall schedule. The anthology series aired on the Discovery Channel before moving to Spectrum for season two (titled "Deadly Games"). Spectrum also sold the rights to "L.A. & # 39; s Finest" to Fox for its fall plan.

"This is hardly a traditional fall season, but we are prepared with a strong amount of original content as our regular script series begins production," said Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, in a statement. "Based on our current schedule, we hope to begin rolling out our previously announced fall series as soon as they become available in November."

CBS's new premiere and final dates are listed below:

Wednesday September 9th

8 to 9 pm: "Big Brother"
9-10 p.m .: "Love Island"
10-11 am: "48 hours: suspicion" (special edition Wednesday)

Saturday September 12th

9-10 p.m .: "Love Island: More to love"
10-11 am: "48 hours" (premiere of the 34th season)

Sunday, September 20 (NFL double header)

7:30 am-8:30pm ET / 7:00 pm-8:00pm PT: "60 minutes" (premiere of the 53rd season)
8: 30-9: 30am ET / 8-9am PT: "Big Brother"
9:30 am-10:30am ET / 9-10am PT: "Love Island"

Monday, September 21

9-10 p.m .: "Love Island"
10-11 am: "Manhunt: Deadly Games" (broadcast premiere)

Thursday September 24th

8 to 9 pm: "Big Brother"
9-10 p.m .: "Love Island"
10-11 am: "Star Trek: Discovery" (Season 1, Premiere)

Friday September 25th

8 to 9 pm: "The biggest #AtHome videos"
9-10 p.m .: "Love Island"

Tuesday, September 29th

8 to 9 pm: "Love Island" (finale of the second season)

Friday October 2nd

8 to 9 pm: "The biggest #AtHome videos"
9-10 p.m .: "Undercover Boss" (premiere of the 10th season)

Monday, October 12th, 19th, 26th

9-10 p.m .: "One day at a time" (premiere of the 4th season)
10-11 am: "Manhunt: Deadly Games"

Tuesday October 13th

10-11 am: "The FBI Declassified" (season premiere)

Wednesday October 14th

8 to 9 pm: "Big Brother"
9-10 p.m .: "The Amazing Race" (premiere of the 32nd season)

Wednesday October 28th

8 to 9 p.m .: "The Amazing Race" (NTP)
9 pm to 11 pm: "Big Brother" (finale of the 22nd season)

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