StoryFolder Automatically Converts Videos to Storyboards
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StoryFolder is a new online app that can be used to automatically create a storyboard, a recording list, a script as well as individual clips and images from a specific video – uploaded or linked from YouTube. The beta version currently offers a limited free version (for videos up to 1 GB, 15 minutes, 50 recordings) and a paid pro version.

Creating storyboards and shot lists is an essential part of video production. StoryFolder is a new online app created by NYC-based engineer Jeff Jassky. Currently in beta, StoryFolder promises to automatically create a storyboard and record list from every video. Let's take a look at what it does.

StoryFolder Beta

StoryFolder is an online service that can automatically “deconstruct” any video into a storyboard, individual scene images and clips, a script and a recording list with timecode. The videos can currently be uploaded to StoryFolder directly from the hard drive or you can insert a Youtube link. After processing, the app will send you a zip file containing all of the above elements. It's still in beta, so accuracy is expected to keep improving over time.

The storyboard itself is currently an HTML file with a classic layout that can be printed. As Jeff said, there are plans to further edit the layout of the storyboard, add more metadata and also offer a PDF version.

Storyboard example. Source: StoryFolder

The images from the individual scenes from the video are provided in JPEG format. There are three images for each scene – the first image, the middle and the last image (applies to the Pro version, only the middle image is available in the free version – more on the different versions later). The individual clips that the app produces are in mp4 format and sorted numerically to match the still images.

Script example. Source: StoryFolder

The recording list of scenes with timecodes and frames is currently exported as HTML and CSV files. Finally, the script is exported to a .txt file which contains all of the spoken text that StoryFolder has converted to text. Jeff is working on having a better, traditional script-style layout soon. The software should also recognize different speakers in the scene and format the script accordingly.

Shot List Sample. Source: StoryFolder

Price and availability

StoryFolder has a free version and a paid pro version. The free version is currently limited to videos up to 1 GB in size, 15 minutes in length, and 50 recordings in total. The Pro version has no limit.

Membership level. Source: StoryFolder

Its creator Jeff Jassky created a Patreon account for StoryFolder to keep the free version up and running. The current goal is to get $ 250 a month for Patreon to cover the cost of the servers for video processing and hosting.

There are basically three membership levels from USD 5 to USD 15 per month. The most expensive one will give you the key to access the app's pro features. If you enjoy the service then you should become a StoryFolder user.

What do you think of StoryFolder? Do you often create storyboards and shotlists? Can you see this app helping you with your work? Let us know in the comments below the article.


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