‘Stranger Things’ to Resume Production This Month
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Rad news! While COVID-19 may got the batman downIt appears that Stranger Things is ready to return to the clutches of Mind Flayer. The fourth season of the Netflix series, whose production began in February of this year and which was immediately discontinued in March, is expected to be shot again on September 28 in Georgia. according to the deadline.

Season 4 will start right where season three ended: Eleven left Hawkins with Joyce, Will and Jonathan, and Hopper allegedly died to close the Russian portal to Hell … I mean the upside down. While much of the storyline is still under wraps (we hope we get way, much more Scoops Ahoy goodness), the Duffer Brothers revealed back in February that (SPOILER ALERT) Hopper is STILL LIVE. Now watch the teaser to see the big surprise:

Back in August, the Duffer Brothers had suppressed rumors that season four would be the last of the series because the child actors grew up so quickly. That disclosure appeared in a THR article, which was promptly removed, but the AV Club reports The phrase "Season 4 won't be the end" was attributed to Ross Duffer in the now-missing piece. It looks like we'll have a lot more demo dogs and creepy psychokinetic kids in the future. Let's hope that in 2020 we won't throw another curveball until then.

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