Studio Ghibli Releases 400 Free Images from its Movies
Spirited Away 2.jpg

If you print it out, then Totoro can actually be your neighbor.

One of my favorite things to do when I need ideas is scrolling through great artwork that could inspire me to think about new worlds and adventures. Studio Ghibli's films all feel inspired by this way of thinking.

They take us to places we've never seen and teach us lessons we thought we knew.

Films like "When Marnie Was There", "The Story of Princess Kaguya", "The Wind Rises", "From Above the Poppy Hill", "The Secret World of Arrietty", "Ponyo", "Stories from the Earth" and "Best Animated Feature Oscar Winner" have inspired generations. And introduced anime to people who usually don't look for it.

With Studio Ghibli, you can now spend more time in the worlds they created by posting 400 still images from those works. In a handwritten note from Toshio Suzuki, co-founder of Studio Ghibli, he asked you "to use them freely within the limits of common sense."

Sounds like something we can all agree on.

2020 was actually a good year for Studio Ghibli. They released some Free zoom backgrounds released In April, Movies from the studio's catalog, HBO Max, and 21 Ghibli movies appeared on Netflix in regions outside of the US, Canada, and Japan.

I look forward to seeing these free images. Click here to view the entire collection.


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