Stylized Fireball Impact (a noob trying to get better)

Thank you for seeing my post. I'm a newbie to real-time VFX and I've learned A LOT from all of you. This is my first VFX post here. Hope you do not like it for ALL of your feedback. I want to transform myself into a VFX artist professional. This is a long journey but with your help and comments I will achieve it: 3
Front view VIDEO
TopDown View VIDEO

After that, the most important question I have is how can I get a particle into the center of the ball, such as the lens glowing after the fall, and not cause clipping with the ball. I set the particles in front of the ball in relation to the front camera, but fine … if the camera changes you can see the trick.

Thanks again for seeing my post nwn hope you have a nice day.


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