Advanced Lighting Practices for Maya & Arnold – fxphd
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This course is about exploring the lighting techniques at the production level to achieve beautiful, realistic and faithful lighting. There are some basic techniques that can help, and instructor Philip Maddock shows how you can creatively use these techniques to improve your lighting and the quality of your rendered images.

Maddock shows how by capturing information from the real world and feeding that data into the 3D process, you can go a long way in creating a very realistic CGI. Enter real data and get real results. Lighting is no exception, and in fact, applying this logic to physically based render engines can produce wonderful results quite quickly. The idea is to ditch the default settings in Maya and Arnold for real artistic control.

The course is divided into three projects in ten classes:

  1. CG creature portrait lighting with real burning wax candles. Barry Lyndon style live action light cards.
  2. Beauty lighting for CG product shots. Use real light sources for realism.
  3. Ambient lighting for action shots. Paring and projection of HDR lat longs for realistic interaction.

Philip Maddock has worked in VFX for film, advertising, and music video for more than a decade. He has been with The Mill London for the past seven years and currently works as a senior CG artist and shoot supervisor. His focus is on television advertising and he has led projects for major brands such as Playstation, Nike, Samsung, Audi, Mercedes, BBC and Direct Line. He is known to anchor his CG work in the real world using specialized photographic techniques and live action recording techniques for VFX.


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