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Although the global pandemic has forced more people to work from home, some employees and business people were before Covid-19 mastered the art. With the growing number of workers at home, business operations weren't as smooth as before. At moments like this, we all see how much modern technology we have not yet used.

Modern software applications such as the online calendar planner, communication tools and others are some of the many technologies required during this pandemic. The Sync Go calendar as a desktop app is an indispensable tool how to improve productivity from home without missing an important meeting or event. Online calendars serve as management platforms to keep plans for timely execution of projects up to date.

Practical tips for productivity at work from home:

Working from home is not a common habit for many workers and requires a lot of discipline and commitment. If you're not careful, your productivity can drop sharply due to many distracting factors. Therefore, if you want to keep your company alive and / or keep your job, it is important to adhere to the following points.

Plan your schedule:

By planning your tasks, you can do all the tasks that you have to do on time. It also helps alleviate the work of domestic stress from pandemics while increasing productivity. Since you no longer have your colleagues to remind you of upcoming events, it is advisable to use online planning apps such as online calendars and the Sync Go calendar desktop app. The advantage of these apps is that they remind you of upcoming events in real time and share some or all of the planned activities with your team. You should plan daily, weekly and monthly with proper buffer time management.

Keep in touch:

Communication is the key to a company's success because it provides all stakeholders with the right information and at the right time. Individual talks were possible in normal times. However, the culture is no longer promoted by the pandemic.

Therefore, alternatives to physical verbal communication can only be maximized with modern communication tools. This includes voice and video conferencing via online platforms, the use of email and social media applications. To ensure that all attendees attend online meetings, it is important to communicate and use the online calendar planner.

Take regular breaks:

If you occasionally let go of your laptop during the day, you can give your body and mind a break. In the workplace, this happens every hour, but most people don't know when it happens because it happens subconsciously. For example, if you distract from your work and start a short conversation with a partner, this is a healthy break. So if you work from home, get on your feet and take a walk outside and have a cup of tea, keep going for more hours. As long as you are within your schedule, let your breaks come automatically.

Role of the online calendar for productivity:

As mentioned earlier, working from home is not easy, but it can be very productive if you plan and organize your daily schedule. Because people are prone to errors, we have to rely on current technologies to keep up with the times and upcoming events. Sync Go Calendar is a desktop app that helps you organize your events neatly and remind you of your meetings and schedules at a glance. It is similar to keeping an online diary of work and follow-up.

In addition, these online daily, weekly and monthly planner tools can be synchronized with your other calendars to bring you a comprehensive digital organizer. Also share events with everyone who needs to be involved in certain tasks to ensure that you work as a team to achieve your goals. And if you use a computer other than your office computer, you can still log in with your credentials and access your calendar.

In summary:

Home work is rampant due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This new way of working is becoming the new normal, and once we adopt it, the simpler companies can regain their productivity curve. This is possible by using new technologies that support the work from home, e.g. B. Online communication tools, online work diaries and online marketing.

If you don't plan, failure is planned. This is why, given all the other resources, employees need to organize their tasks, plan their schedules in advance, and make others aware of the upcoming meetings and events. And Sync Go Calendar is an app that allows employees to reach their production goals from home.


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