Check out neat new procedural tree toolset GrowInfinite
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Check out the nice new GrowInfinite toolset for the procedural tree

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Fx Mode – also known as artist and tool developer Mojtaba Oriuee – has released GrowInfinite 1.0, a collection of Houdini Digital Assets for creating and animating procedural trees.

The collection of "approximately 37" HDAs is designed to create close-range animation of a range of tree species, including deciduous and coniferous species, with leaves, bark, and flowers.

The toolset can also be used in other DCC applications and game engines with integration plugins for Houdini Engine, e.g. B. 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Generate growth animations of detailed procedural trees
GrowInfinite 1.0 is a series of HDA files designed to generate detailed CG trees suitable for use in growth animation effects.

Users can control the shape of the trees generated using procedural controls for branch density, distribution, and curvature, as well as "lots of fun gravity styles".

UVs and displacement maps are generated automatically as the trees grow.

The HDAs can also generate vector color information based on growth parameters that can be used to modify the growth of trees and drive "forces like gravity, noise, bending [and displacement]".

In addition to generating the branches of a tree, GrowInfinite includes "instance-friendly tools for leaf and bark growth," which reduces the overall geometry of the assets it creates.

Includes video tutorials and instructions on how to optimize the assets for lower spec machines
There doesn't seem to be any written documentation for GrowInfinite online, but the download includes a three-hour video tutorial that shows the process of creating a fir tree from start to finish.

It also includes sample Houdini scene files showing a fir tree and a deciduous tree generated in GrowInfinite and shaded with OctaneRender.

Oriuee notes that the base HDAs are designed for "cinematic close-ups" and can be "a bit heavy" for low to medium spec workstations. Therefore, the introductory tutorial also includes instructions on how to optimize them.

Pricing and system requirements
GrowInfinite 1.0 is available for Houdini 17.5. A perpetual license costs $ 500. Rent starts at $ 20 / month.

The HDAs could be imported into other DCC applications and game engines that contain integration plugins for Houdini Engine, the SideFX toolset for using Houdini procedural content in other software.

For more information on GrowInfinite 1.0, visit Fx Mode's Gumroad Store

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