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Smart tube lights that can be controlled via an app seem to be all the rage these days. Let's take a look at an interesting Kickstarter campaign from TEKE

Who is TEKE?

The founders of TEKE initially created animated lights for their own productions and received positive feedback from their customers and other artists. Because of this, they decided to develop their solution into a product that they can sell. The TEKE DMX Tube Lights are the result. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign where backers will receive more than 50% of the retail price.

The facts about TEKE DMX tube lights

There are two different TEKE DMX tube lights: the TEKE with a length of approx. 51 cm and the TEKE PRO with a length of 101 cm. There are also a number of accessories and mounting options, some of which are part of the kit commitments and some of which will be available later as add-ons.

TEKE LED tube light fact sheet. Image credit: TEKE

The maximum output of the TEKE and TEKE Pro is flicker-free 700 lm and 1400 lm respectively. The color temperature of the full spectrum RGBW LED tubes can be set from 2700 ° K to 6500 ° K. This covers most of the situations you are likely to encounter. Color rendering is done at CRI 90+, which is okay but not amazing.

The tubes have built-in batteries which, according to the manufacturer, offer a running time of 4 hours at 100% brightness. Unfortunately, the batteries are not replaceable, but the lights can be charged while in use.

TEKE DMX Tube Lights App. Image credit: TEKETEKE DMX Tube LightsTEKE app. Image credit: TEKE

App Control – TEKE DMX tube lights

The lights can be controlled via a smartphone app without the need for a transmitter or bridge.

With the app it is possible to control, animate and connect several TEKE luminaires for set, stage and even large installation purposes.

With the TEKE library in the app, you can instantly apply dynamic lighting styles and animated effects: flickering hallway, fire, lightning, police, traffic, TV statics, etc.

TEKE also promotes “sound-reactive lighting”. I assume that the light can react to noises that get into the microphone of the controlling smartphone. Something that could be nice when the lights are used to illuminate a stage performance or a music video.

The smartphone app also seems to be able to create color palettes by sensing the color of an image or video. Sounds interesting!

TEKE app for creating color schemes. Image credit: TEKETEKE app for creating color schemes. Image credit: TEKE


I haven't paid much attention to tube lighting before, but the recent surge in LED tube products in the market has made me think about this type of light. It has many advantages:

  • small package size for relatively soft light
  • flexible due to the ability to customize the color
  • Runs on battery for a long time
  • can be used as an internship because they look cool
  • can be used in confined spaces

TEKE Light. Image credit: TEKETEKE Light. Image credit: TEKE

I have to get my hands on TEKE DMX Tube Lights or similar offers sooner rather than later to find out whether they can make life easier for me on set or give me additional creative freedom in my work.

We say this at the end of every crowdfunding article: Please be aware of the risks involved in supporting a project on a crowdfunding platform. Please read the general terms and conditions of the crowdfunding platform carefully and note that there may be significant delays in the delivery of the product. Some projects are not delivered at all.

Are you thinking about supporting TEKE? What are you looking for in a LED tube light? We'd love to hear your thoughts on TEKE lights and tube lights in general in the comments below.


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