Tendril Expands Executive Producer Team
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From the publication:

Tendril announces and celebrates the expansion of its Executive Producers (EPs) leadership team. A look at the Tendril portfolio reveals a diverse range of works based on a unique design philosophy. It takes a special breed of leader to nurture our sophisticated relationships with our customers, and this talented team is ready to do just that.

Kate Bate, Co-Founder and COO, is excited about the opportunities this has opened up for the team. Making sure styles and personalities complement each other is a complicated endeavor. However, once you find the right players, things begin to begin. Tendril's diverse creative team is ready to work with clients to produce work as dynamic as the time we live in. "

Our team

Within months of being hired in 2019, EP Ivelle Jaragalyn had created a role for herself with her undeniable work ethic and straightforward approach. A look at her portfolio in her tenure at Tendril shows that she runs some of the most complex and innovative productions with world-renowned clients. "Her ability to translate customer needs into stunning and meaningful visual artwork is unmatched, and we are delighted that she is driving her track record with incredible success," says Kate.

The executive producer team also includes Mary Anne Ledesma, previously Tendril's production manager. Her many years of on-site experience gave her the opportunity to solve problems in high-level business meetings. During her career, Mary Anne has focused on complex live action and animation productions. She is motivated by the variety of challenges they present. As she fits into her role, her depth of knowledge is invaluable as the team expands its portfolio of groundbreaking projects.

Most recently, Executive Producer Ramona Gornik-Lee is on the team. She has roots in both advertising and the audio industry and brings a diverse range of skills and experience to our executive producer team. Ramona's skilled can-do approach enables her to use her strongest ability to lead and build strong relationships. As an expert in building trust, Ramona uses every customer faced with interactions as an opportunity to understand their needs and ultimately translate them into an authentic and meaningful end product.

As of September 2020, world-renowned and extremely passionate Executive Producer Sarah Arruda returned from her maternity leave. Given Tendril's history of creating work that will excite people for the near future, Sarah's focus on innovation will help drive complex projects that cement the studio as a global leader in design thinking. She can hardly wait to continue experimenting with new technologies (AR, XR, Realtime) in order to inform and inspire the future of creative production together with our intelligent, thoughtful customers.

The expanded EP team is also supported by Jill Wilkie, New Business Manager. As the moderator on all potential projects, Jill makes sure each client is connected to the most appropriate EP. She has the unique ability to measure the needs of a project and assist in the creation of a plan using EPs and CDs. Her ability to communicate creatively also drives her as she helps design and implement new business plans and strategies for the bigger picture.

By consolidating this power team, Kate can focus on running the studio and growing Tendril over the long term. She will continue to push Tendril into new areas and creative endeavors, saying that she will do so "with the carefully applied sense of design and intent that we put into everything we do at Tendril".


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