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While 20% less for Tenet and Unhinged are showing signs of a gradual return to theaters, that is not enough for blockbusters.

Despite the loss of more than 500 Regal Theaters, total revenues increased that weekend. Under the leadership of the newcomer “The War with Grandpa”, the top 10 achieved sales of around 9.7 million US dollars. That's an increase of $ 8.5 million last weekend. With so many library titles added to the pot, the total intake could reach $ 13 million. Compared. In 2019, $ 141 million was paid over the weekend of Columbus Day.

To be fair, with most of Regal away and New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle still closed, this could have cut the potential gross in half. Had Regal been open the total would have been over $ 15 million. If all markets and theaters were open, the total could have been $ 26 million. The shortage of products is a major factor, but this weak level of business continues to suggest that audiences have not restored their appetite for theater.

After "Tenet" spent five weeks at the top, "The War with Grandpa" took # 1. It opened about halfway what "The New Mutants" did in late August, with roughly the same number of theaters. 101 studios put a huge effort into marketing here, including testimonials from clients on theater safety. That message was undercut by Regal's last minute withdrawal, but it came off as a fresh product with very little else to see.



Star Robert DeNiro has taken this comedy route regularly, most recently with “Dirty Grandpa” with Zac Efron. That opened to $ 11 million. (Despite the title and star, "War" is not a sequel – it's based on a children's book – although audiences may have thought otherwise.) By comparison, we might expect "War" to double its opening to about 7 million under normal circumstances U.S. dollar. It benefited from familiar content (De Niro in a comedy as the unlikely grandpa) but lacked the same costar draw (this time Uma Thurman).

His cinemascore was B +, though comedies often lag behind by that order of magnitude. The trajectory on Saturday was positive (+38 percent) and suggests word of mouth. However, even a 4x multiple would only bring this to $ 14 million. (Noteworthy: "War with Grandpa" was filmed in early 2017 and was originally due to be released in February 2018 via the TWC label Dimension.) Currently, it's another case of silver lining for independents, and more are coming: "Honest Thief" and " 2 Hearts "this week (both from Open Road) and" After We Collided "(suspense) as follows.


Warner bros.

The three longer-running titles in the top ten continue the trend towards a stronger audience. Here, too, the lack of new titles remains the main reason, but particularly with “Tenet” and “Unhinged” (solstice) the decline of around 20 percent shows signs of a gradual return to the cinemas.

"Tenet" exceeded $ 48 million in North America. Unless closed markets open in the short term (Seattle is expected this Friday), the $ 2 million weekend mark is unlikely to be hit. With steady play, it should top $ 60 million domestically, with more possible. It hit $ 323 million worldwide, with a little less than $ 8 million added this weekend. It stays on track for a total of $ 350 million to $ 400 million.

This performance suggests that Warner Bros. has done an impressive job under difficult circumstances, but now is not the time for other studios to follow up on expensive releases.

Approximately $ 2 million of the top 10 came from three library titles – "Hocus Pocus", "Coco" and "Beetlejuice". Also placed is the only other new title, "Honest Thief", which was released by VVS in Canada and opens there a week before its release on October 16 in the USA. A thriller starring Liam Neeson as a bank robber that was doubled by the FBI in the north of the marginal performance (good enough to rank 7 in the top ten) suggests an opening in the US next weekend worth $ 3 to 4 million.

The top 10

1. The war with grandpa (101) NEW

$ 3,608,000 in 2,250 theaters; PTA (per theater average): $ 1,604; Accumulated: $ 3,608,000

2. Teaching (Warner Bros.) week 6; Last weekend # 1

$ 2,100,000 (-20%) in 2,215 theaters (-507); PTA: $ 948; Accumulated: $ 48,300,000

3. Hocus pocus (Disney) REISSUE Last weekend # 2

$ 1,161,000 (-40%) in 2,113 theaters (-457 USD); PTA: USD 549; Accumulated: $ 92,300,000 (adjusted)

4. The new mutants (Disney) week 7; Last weekend # 3

$ 685,000 (-34%) in 1,663 theaters (-491); PTA: $; Accumulated: $ 21,991,000

5. Nothing (Solstice) week 9; Last weekend # 4

$ 660,000 (-22%) in 1,608 theaters (-415); PTA: $ 410; Accumulated: 19,300,000 USD

6. Coco (Disney) REISSUE

$ 603,000 in 1,899 theaters; PTA: USD 317; Accumulated: 210,500,000 USD

7. Honest thief (Open road) NEW

$ 340,000 in 243 theaters; PTA: $ 1,399; Cumulative: $ 340,000 (estimated)

8. Beetle juice (Warner Bros.) REISSUE last week # 6

$ 225,000 (-31%) in 369 theaters (+17); PTA: $ 610; Accumulated: $ 178,300,000 (adjusted)

9. Unbeliever (Cloudburst) week 4; Last weekend # 5

$ 190,000 (estimated) (-55%) in 959 theaters (-833); PTA: $ 198; Cumulative: $ 3,831,000 (estimated)

10. Owner uncut (Neon) week 2; Last weekend # 9

$ 163,500 (-35%) in 264 cinemas (-54 USD); PTA: USD 540; Accumulated: USD 530,000

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