Teradici Honored with Engineering Emmy Award

Teradici announced that the company has received an Engineering Emmy Award from the Television Academy for excellence in technical development. This award is given to an individual, company or organization for technical developments that significantly improve existing methods or innovations that significantly affect the transmission or reception of television. The awards will be officially awarded in a virtual ceremony on October 29th, which will be streamed on Emmys.com.

"We are honored to be recognized by the Television Academy for our work, especially this year when so many of our clients have been so disrupted," said Dave Hobbs, co-founder and chief architect of Teradici. “Teradici's technology was recognized and accepted early on by customers and partners in the media and entertainment industry. They have continually inspired us to refine our product and raise our own standards to meet their challenges and expectations. It has been a privilege to work with so many talented artists and producers in our history. "

Teradici has specialized in providing remote access to workstations for over 15 years and is widely recognized by media and entertainment customers for its ability to deliver an uncompromising user experience for graphics-intensive workloads. Artists and producers can work from anywhere with Teradici Cloud Access software to create a secure remote access connection to workstations hosted in the studio, in a private data center or in a public cloud. They connect using the Teradici PCoIP protocol from a client device of their choice and can use their display, keyboard, mouse and peripherals such as Wacom devices as if they were on a local computer, with the resolution and color fidelity required to get the highest performance achieve quality standard.

Source: Teradici


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