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From the publication:

Multi-award winning creative company The-Artery is expanding its talented storytelling roster by signing multi-faceted director duo RAY SISTERS.

The dynamic duo of RAY SISTERS, Austin and Westin Ray, have diverse and extensive skills in the areas of directing, camera and editing and create films with a pulsating pulse. Her work, anchored in a lively, cinematic and observational style, aims to capture authentic performances based on human stories. By combining their unique skills, the duo illuminates the beauty of the unexpected moments that each of us experiences in everyday life. "We're pretty much overlapping in our skills as we're both directing, directing, and editing," Westin explains. “I'm more language-oriented, whether I'm writing a screenplay or discussing character arcs with actors. Austin is razor-sharp with visual elements and usually the techie extinguishes device or software fires. We joke that we are flawed separately, but together we make the perfect person! "

"The-Artery is based on versatile talents and RAY SISTERS fit exactly with these traces of personality, character, taste and style", says Vico Sharabani, founder and Executive Creative Director of The-Artery. "We've been in close contact with Austin and Westin for over a year. As the collaboration grew, we've decided to bring them on board and join the team."

The idea for RAY SISTERS came about when both sisters honed their different talents in film school. After taking on various production roles, including producing short films and music videos, and composing, the sisters decided to form a directing duo.

Westin has received awards since high school and emerged from film school with a DGA Student Film Award for directing, while Austin's musical scores, which premiered in a film at the Telluride Film Festival, received the Student Academy Award and BAFTA Student Award . Her short film "The Listening Box" later won an Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival and an HBO Award at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival. Her film "This One Step" was shown at the Sedona Film Festival, among others. "A Not So Still Life", the duo's content piece for Moët & Chandon, was one of the winners of the Moët Moment Film Festival. Austin was also recently named Best New Music Composer at the 2019 Kinsale Shark Awards.

RAY SISTERS were introduced to The-Artery when the PSA "We Are the Daughters" for women's equality was unveiled at SHOOT New Directors Showcase 2019, and they were instantly drawn by the creative company's out-of-the-box approach dressed. Now that they're part of the The Artery family, the duo are hoping to create content that will explore the lesser-traveled streets.

Austin says, “Deborah Sullivan's production strength and Vico's visionary VFX and aesthetics steer The-Artery ship into unique waters. It's inspiring for us to team up with filmmakers who have been in this business for years and yet retain an unbridled enthusiasm and spark for creative work – regardless of genre. We're very excited to join The-Artery as it breaks new ground in live narrative action. "

According to Deborah Sullivan, managing director and executive producer of The-Artery, “I am particularly proud to add not just one but two talented artists to our list. During our early conversations with RAY SISTERS, the most important consideration was how The-Artery can help them grow. Fortunately, over time our team has worked hard to develop the resources to offer this and more. "


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