The CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II Daylight LED Fresnel
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The CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w Mark II offers a punch without damaging your wallet. This compact LED emits 40% more light than the previous generation Q-55W and can be used with or without a Fresnel lens attachment.

LED lighting technology continues to improve. Innovations in design, optics, cooling and control make them one of the most interesting and fast-moving categories in production technology in recent years.

Powerful and portable LED lighting

One of the biggest challenges many of us face is getting enough light where you need it for small shots, outdoors, or in places where you don't have AC power, with no big, bulky lights, heavy stands and having to pack accompanying heavy items with V-mount batteries.

The CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w Mark II is a compact LED light with daylight compensation that meets this requirement. Let's take a look.

CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II characteristics

The Q-55W is compact at just 21 x 9 cm

The CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II looks almost identical to the original it replaces. Most of the changes are internal.

  • Portable compact size
  • App control
  • AC and DC power supply
  • Memory function
  • Optional bowel fixation
  • 40% brighter (claimed)
  • CRI 96+ / TLCI 97+ (claimed)
  • Can be operated with 2x Sony NP batteries or V-Mount (2 x F970 = 90 minutes, 2 x F750 = 60 minutes)
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 2.4G wireless controller
  • Filter set
  • Single COB (chip on board)
  • Built-in fan

The single light kit contains the light, the power supply unit, the D-tap cable, the filters and the carrying case

Optional accessories

Optional V-mounting plate.

A number of optional accessories are available for the Q-55W, including a V-mount battery adapter plate, a Bowens bracket and a foldable softbox, as well as a "snap kit" consisting of filters, diffusion and a grid.

Optional accessories for the Q-55W

Prices and availability

The CAME-TV Q-55W is priced at $ 288 and has two-light and three-light kits for $ 568 and $ 798, respectively.

We do not have complete photometric data and therefore cannot give you the exact light output yet.

Are you using the original Q-55W? What is your experience with these lights? Let us know what you think about the CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen Mark II in the comments below.


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