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Do you need to rent a camera for your next shoot? Let's look at the pros and cons of four popular camera rental options so you can make the best choice.

You're pumped You have just booked a high profile gig and the customer wants you to take a photo with a high-end camera that you've always wanted to use. Now you need to find a camera rental option that fits the budget and schedule of production.

Fortunately, renting a camera has never been easier. Here are some popular resources to consider.

1. Online rental

Services like LensProToGo and make shipping a breeze. Image via Ronstik.

Online services like LensProToGo or make renting a camera a painless process. You send the camera directly to your front door, including a return label. Competitive prices mean you can find an option that fits your budget. You can usually find first-time offers and discount codes. Bonus: Careful, proactive customer service means that on the day of your shoot you can't go without an essential accessory or component.

Advantages: online rental

  • Delivery to your doorstep
  • Easy shipping in both directions
  • competitive prices
  • Solid customer service

Cons: online rental

  • delivery time
  • No "practical" try-before-you-buy option

2. Community Sharing Rentals (ShareGrid)

Rent a camera

Renting from a company like ShareGrid is a great way to support the filmmaking community. Image via Nampix.

With services like ShareGrid, owners can rent their personal devices to other local developers. If you live in a large city this is an excellent option as you can easily find most camera systems in your area.

As a rule, the owners have their packages perfectly equipped for production, with a lot of media power. By using these platforms, you can also meet other creatives in your city and expand your network.

Pros: Community Rentals

  • Community based
  • competitive prices
  • On-demand insurance
  • Probably local pick up and drop off

Cons: Community Rentals

  • Must live in or be willing to travel to major markets
  • Limited customization options

3. Local rental houses

Local rental houses

Local rental houses have a variety of cameras and accessories to choose from. Image via 26ShadesOfGreen.

Most of the larger cities have rental houses that offer a wide range of cameras, accessories and other means of production. You will find knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and helpful staff on your visit, and you're likely to run into some local creatives (so wear your network hat.)

There is another benefit associated with local rental houses: weekend prices. You can pick up a camera on Friday afternoon, return it on Monday morning and only charge for one day.

Pros: Local rental houses

  • Extensive selection
  • Near home
  • Plenty of accessories and customization options
  • On-site customer service
  • Weekend prices

Cons: Local rental houses

  • Certificate of insurance probably required
  • Usually more expensive

4. Local owner / operator

Operated on site

A local operator will deliver the camera for your project and expand your knowledge of the equipment. Image via Gnepphoto.

If you live in a reasonably sized market, there is likely an owner / operator near you who has the camera you are looking for. In this scenario you not only supply the camera for your production, but also bring a lot of knowledge about the camera system as a dedicated operator.

This method can expand your network and allow you not only to meet other local subjects, but also to work with them.

Advantages: Local owner / operator

  • Near home
  • Networking
  • Camera comes with an expert

Cons: Local owner / operator

Your dream camera is waiting for you. How to find and rent it depends on your budget and schedule, as well as your desired level of comfort. Fortunately, you have a few options.

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