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The Female Film Club is founded by Nicole Lieberman (Italian-Israeli) and Liza Van Der Smissen (Dutch). They met at the BFI London Film Festival in 2017 and found that they lived one street apart in northwestern London. There were inevitably many creative coffee appointments.

Nicole has a human rights background and recently graduated from an LLM in human rights law where she received the award. She also works as a producer in the film industry. Liza works as an actress and received a 1st last year for her research on "Faulty Female Characters in 21st Century Western Film" at Middlesex University. Since then she has also worked as a producer and 1st AD.

They quickly discovered their shared passion for films that portray women and decided to work on a short film called Neext! To cooperate. Neext! had an 80% female crew and rounded off his festival run. After its premiere at the London Independent Film Festival, it won various awards and has now secured online sales at Herflix, a platform that works for filmmakers and the female voice.

When the blockade began in London, they could no longer see each other every day and felt challenged because they were separated from the industry and each other. They wanted to continue to be part of the industry and asked each other the question: "How do we get together when the whole world is at a standstill?" They realized that the world is more connected than ever through separation. Everyone is in the "same / locked" boat, so let's be the mutual support network. This was the beginning of the Film club for women.

Liza and Nicole believe that female indie films must be seen. They said, "There are so many non-English films about women who don't get the exposure they deserve outside of their own territory." In the past four months they have made brilliant films by directors such as: Divines (by Uda Benyamina, 2016), Capernaum (Nadine Labaki, 2016), Toni Erdmann (Maren Ade, 2016), Sisterhood (Tracy Choi, 2017) and Animals (Sophie Hyde, 2019).

The response from the women present was very positive:

Ola (cameraman): “The Female Film Club is an amazing and inspiring community of creative and talented women from different areas of the film industry, each with a unique perspective and vision in the mix. I am very happy to be part of it! "

Molly (actor / director):As part of the Female Film Club, I've seen some life-changing films that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. It was a really enjoyable and rewarding goal to watch one movie a week, highlighting creatives who weren't sufficiently championed. I really appreciate being part of this community of different creatives. Discussion about films and our industry from different perspectives. Given the weekly period for open discussions, my own voice has consolidated and my perspective has changed. "

In addition to the variety of films they have presented to members, the Female Film Club will also offer its members a valuable support system. The connections within the club enable simple and regular communication without having to write the forced company email "What did you do?" Or the personal Instagram exchange where everyone can see your holiday pictures.

Member Anna (author / actress): Liza and Nicoles' passion for the film (and especially for the film directed by women) is contagious! They have created a safe, dynamic and creative space where filmmakers can connect and support each other to celebrate our collective guilty conscience. Definitely one of the highlights of my week!

The Female Film Club offers a space in which professional filmmakers can network. The App and member platform that starts on August 1st allows members:

  • Make your own profile and present your work
  • Message privately with each other
  • Find other talented members you want to work with and enable collaborations
  • Access a database with detailed information about each movie recommendation. (Interviews / ratings / quotes / and more!)
  • See what members are up to and be inspired
  • Stay up to date with film festivals around the world and organize your female film club tribe to participate and keep in touch with them
  • Weekly film discussion every Thursday for 45 minutes (short, but oh so sweet), in which we examine a large number of films by filmmakers or by women.
  • Take part in online networking events (think of child-friendly coffee mornings and sharp evening discussions!)

Nicole and Liza founded the Female Film Club so members can network and get fully involved in the industry without spending extra time and money on things like travel, drinks, babysitting, etc. that we all know are stressful could be.

If you are interested in joining and becoming a member of this global network, you can register from August 1st at Membership costs $ 7.99 and you get the first two weeks free. However, if you register by September 1st, you will only pay a subscription fee of $ 4.99 per month for a full year. Members can cancel their subscription at any time. You can also reach Nicole and Liza with any question


About Female Film Club

The online networking platform for international filmmakers. Available from August 1st.


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