The Best Filmmaking Deals of the Week (7.31.20)
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The DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo is 39% cheaper than our offers of the week.

This week in filmmaking: Right now you are getting a Joby GorillaPod 5K tripod kit with rig for a 31% discount. You'll also save $ 100 on the Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera with an RF 24-105mm f / 4-7.1 IS STM lens and an RØDE VideoMic Pro + on-camera microphone. Big savings on the DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo with a whopping $ 210 discount. Finally, Adorama is running a special for the Easyrig STABIL stabilization system that will save you $ 320.

The Joby GorillaPod 5K tripod kit is a kind of Cadillac for table tripods. It has 5 articulated arms (3 on the base, 2 on the sides) with 1/4 "-20 thread and cold shoe mounts that allow you to use not only your camera but also lights, microphones, action cameras, smartphones and a variety of Assembling items can save you a cool $ 50 on this rig, which is available now for $ 110.

Canon has had a wild month releasing its mirrorless EOS R5 and R6 shooters, but guess what … you can actually save some money on the R6 before it even ships. You are currently getting a $ 100 discount if you pair an R6 with an RF 24-105mm f / 4-7.1 IS STM lens.

Do you need a good microphone in front of the camera? The RØDE VideoMic Pro + has a lot to offer, including a variety of energy options (automatic power supply with socket, rechargeable lithium-ion battery LB-1, 2x AA batteries, micro-USB), a two-stage high-pass filter, 3-stage gain control with + 20 dB function, high-frequency boost and a safety channel to combat clipping. Get it now for $ 299.

The DJI Ronin-SC was specially developed for mirrorless cameras. That means it's smaller, lighter, and more portable than other offerings in the Ronin line of gimbal stabilizers … but that doesn't mean that it saves on functionality. It has pan, tilt and roll control, 360-degree panning, mechanical locking for each axis, sport mode, ActiveTrack 3.0 as well Panorama, time lapse, motionlapse and motion control Shooting modes. There is currently a DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo available for $ 329 that includes a lot of additional accessories, cables, and cases.

When shooting on an Easyrig system, the name of the game distributes the weight you carry as evenly as possible. The Easyrig STABIL stabilization system helps you with this. The STABIL arm can carry payloads between 11 and 55 lbs. and is compatible with Easyrig Vario 5 systems, including the Cinema 3 and Gimbalrig vests. Adorama is offering an instant discount that will save you $ 320 on your STABIL arm right away, so you'll only pay $ 2079.


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