The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #215 – Mandy Walker ASC
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We have a great cameraman today Mandy Walker ASC. She has just made Mulan and is about to talk about the incredible process behind the film, the extensive testing and her approach to preparing such a large film, and more.

It was great chatting with Mandy and I look forward to seeing Mulan in the theaters.


P.S. I also messed up the intro. Indeed, this is episode # 215. Yeow!

This week, at the breakdown of the feature film, we set out to double Mandy Walker week and make it big. We look at that Mulan Trailer to break down some of the ideas Mandy discussed in the podcast.

We look at the color, lighting, format and much more.

Lots of great pictures and even more fun after Mandy heard how long it took them to get the pictures of the day.

To see the pictures and listen to the special podcast, click on the following link:

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