The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #220 – Ian “The Wünderboi” Rogers

A special treat this week on the show.

On the first anniversary of filming the feature film, I thought it would be fun to bring back an old podcast favorite, Ian "The Wünderboi" Rogers, and talk about his role as cinematographer, gimbal tech, and more.

Ian was a staple of the early Patreon podcasts, and we're talking about how he ended up leading him to play a key role in the film.


Commercial Cinematography: The Foundation The course can now be registered.

I decided to publish the course early. So if you want to improve your understanding of the commercial process and the integral role of pre-production for cameramen, please read the link below.

Commercial Cinematography: The Foundation

Patreon supporters should definitely visit the Patreon site as you will receive a special discount if you shop before April 30th.

This week we continue our analysis of listener submitted projects on Patreon. We're looking at a great project that faced a number of the most common challenges for aspiring DPs.

Hopefully you can incorporate some of what we're talking about into your next project … whenever it is.

To see the pictures and listen to the special podcast, click on the following link:

The wandering DP Patreon


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