The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #239 – Sunny Days
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We're back this week with another breakdown of a current TV spot. In today's podcast, we're going to take a look behind the scenes of the lighting, frame, and camera movement required to achieve the end result.

This division is a matter of course for experienced veterans of the podcast. I also wrote a story about how wrong I was working on stills commercials.


If you are interested in commercial cinematography and want to get the most out of pre-production, this course is for you.

In this course, I created a step-by-step action plan to access commercial production radars and raise the level of your projects by maximizing the preparation time available to you.


Commercial Cinematography – The Foundation

What do the Marvel universe and bank robbers in Central America have in common?

Not much when it comes to cinematographic approaches, and even less when we start the general discussion.

This week in the Patreon Podcast we take a comprehensive look at two very different "diner" scenes and talk about the problems, challenges and solutions that the productions offer.

The first example is Thor shot by Haris Zambarloukos, B.S.C. and the second is Hell or flood shot by Giles Nuttgens B.S.C.

To see the pictures and listen to the special podcast, click on the following link:

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