The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #253 – Bjorn Amundsen

We have a great week this week while chatting with the cameraman Bjorn Amundsen about his career and views on cinematography at the moment.

I'm a huge fan of Björn's work so it was great to sit down and hear how he approaches work and what is important to him both on set as a DP and as a family member with a time consuming job.

Please take a look at a small selection of his work below and follow him on Instagram.


If you are interested in commercial cinematography and want to get the most out of preproduction, this course is for you.

In this course, I created a step-by-step action plan to access commercial production radars and level up your projects by maximizing the prep time you have.


Commercial Cinematography – The Foundation

This week at Patreon, we're continuing our video breakdown series with a comprehensive look at Batman begins.

There's a lot of great information in the clip, and we explore how you can potentially apply some of the techniques Wally and Chris used to raise your next project.

To see the pictures and listen to the special breakdown podcast, click the link below:

The Greenscreen DP Patreon

Personal website: Björn Amundsen

Instagram: @bjorn_amundsen_dp


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