The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #260 – Bryce Fortner

On this week's show, we chat with cameraman Bryce Fortner about his latest work for Amazon I am your wife.

The movie looks great and Bryce speaks to us by creating the unique looks, working with a new crew, and building relationships within the industry to improve the finished piece.

If you haven't seen the movie before, be sure to check it out and check out some other work by Bryce below.


If you are interested in commercial cinematography and want to get the most out of preproduction, this course is for you.

In this course, I created a step-by-step action plan to access commercial production radars and level up your projects by maximizing the prep time you have.


Commercial Cinematography – The Foundation

The Queen & # 39; s Gambit was the talk of the town for the Netflix series this year. In this week's Patreon Breakdown, we looked at a very challenging scene and found out how cinematographer Steven Meizler put all the elements together.

If you haven't seen it, check it out for cinematography only.

To see the pictures and listen to the special Breakdown Podcast, click the link below:

The Greenscreen DP Patreon

Personal website: Bryce Fortner


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