The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #311 – 2021 Year in Review
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The time has come, the episode Year in Review is just around the corner.

These have been a tradition here in the podcast from the start and can no longer be stopped. The whole goal of these episodes is to keep an ongoing overview of jobs, equipment, trends, and more.

When I started, I had no idea what to expect in terms of days of shooting during the year, preparation days, rental returns, nothing. So I wanted to keep track of everything so that others could have a better roadmap of what to expect as a working cameraman.

I hope it helps and thanks again for checking out.


You like cinematography.

Me too.

I took a class to distill everything I know about lighting an indoor scene on site so you can steal all of my secrets and make them your own. I hope it helps.

If you are interested in seeing the framework in action, I highly recommend you check it out:

Advanced Cinematography – Location Lighting

At the Patreon Breakdown this week we're looking at each other Ad Astra shot by Hoyte van Hoytema. I'm a huge fan of Hoyte's work, and this film shows off some of his best qualities.

Shot on film under demanding conditions and with a very unique appearance from the start, this feature is the perfect candidate for a breakdown.

To watch the video, click the link below:

The wandering DP patreon


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