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According to TorrentFreak, Disney's spinoff series "Star Wars" has replaced "Game of Thrones" as the most pirated program of the year.

Despite and probably due to its widespread home availability on the Disney + streaming platform, The Mandalorian has emerged as the most pirated television program of 2020 using BitTorrent. This emerges from an analysis by TorrentFreak "based on multiple sources including statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers." Downloads for the entire season are not included in the global ranking of the world's most visited shows for 2020.

The list was historically headed by HBO's fantasy series "Game of Thrones," which concluded its eighth and final season in May 2019. For the first time in years, George RR Martin's sprawling epic was crowned by the space western "Star Wars". In 2019, during its first season, "The Mandalorian" was the third most popular torrent show according to the same poll.

Other top torrent titles, as ranked, reflect some of the most popular TV shows outside of piracy. Prime Video's disrespectful superhero series “The Boys” is number two, HBO's “Westworld” is number three, Prime Videos “Vikings” is number four, CBS's “Star Trek: Picard” is number five, followed by adult swims “Rick and Morty, ”AMC's“ The Walking Dead ”, HBO's“ The Outsider ”, CW's“ The Arrow ”and CW's“ The Flash ”.



It should be noted that the TorrentFreak survey only takes into account BitTorrent traffic, which is only a fraction of the online piracy that includes illegal streaming services.

"The Mandalorian" ended its second season on December 18th with many greetings to fans, including the announcement of another upcoming Star Wars spin-off series, "The Book of Boba Fett". The season also ended with a memorable cameo.

However, the final was not without critics. IndieWire's Tyler Hersko wrote, "The second season finale of" The Mandalorian "marks the long-awaited showdown between Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) after that Grogu kidnapped at the beginning of the season. Although the episode was in Successful in that regard, having a team made up of many of the show's standout characters, and solving the quest that Mando started at the beginning of the season, it does so with so many loud and jogging action scenes – and aggravatingly unanswered questions – that the end result isn't particularly cathartic is. "

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