The Mill Launches ‘Mill Scout’ AR Virtual Production App
Mill Scout Still.jpg

The mill announced the launch of its newest virtual production tool, Mill Scout; An augmented reality (AR) application for smartphones and tablets with which directors, creatives and supervisors for visual effects can visualize CGI characters and objects live on the set through the director's lens.

In the past, creative teams could only visualize CGI objects after shooting during the post-production process. Mill Scout enables the immediate visualization of all objects during the shooting, which were pre-installed in the app. By using the app to place CGI objects in real environments, creative teams can now adapt recordings to VFX specifics, increasing creative flexibility during the directional process on set.

Mill Scout has been successfully used by visual effects directors and supervisors on projects with brands such as Lexus, Honda and PlayStation.

The app runs completely independently on iPhone, iPad and Android, without any further hardware dependencies, so that the app is portable and easily accessible from anywhere. Assets prepared with 3D software can be uploaded to the app, which was created with Unity and Apple's AR kit.

Mill Scout is available to all creative teams who work with The mill.

Source: The Mill


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