The Odyssey of the Canon EOS R5 - Is this really the best hybrid camera? | Philip Bloom
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This is my long term “test” of the Canon R5, and I've taken a different approach than normal by choosing to split it into two parts of manageable length. This is not about specifications, but about really living with and with the camera for 4 months.

Part 1 goes through the journey Canon took to get to the R5, the really disastrous start, why I bought another one, the first editions, and how the 8K is really special. Part 2 takes us from the gray sky of London to the Greek sun of Skiathos, where I try to film the island in 8K and also put the animal autofocus to the test with the island's cats. It will also show why I have found over the past three and a half months that this really is the best all-in-one photo and video camera you can buy right now.

Don't worry, I didn't fall in love with my Sony A7S III, that becomes clear in this two-part study of the Canon R5. Simply the best still camera you have ever made.

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