The One Club ONE School Portfolio Program For Black Creatives
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From the publication:

One Club for Creativity, the world's leading non-profit organization that recognizes outstanding creative achievements in advertising and design, announced the launch of ONE School, a free portfolio program for young black creatives.

ONE School is led by award-winning Spotify creative director Oriel Davis-Lyons as part of the One Club's professional development program. The initiative came about quickly when his LinkedIn post in early June complained about the high cost barrier of US portfolio schools for young color creatives and his promise to find a way to correct the situation.

This post was seen by Bob Isherwood, former creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide and associate professor at Vanderbilt University who is now responsible for the club's professional development department. He turned to Davis-Lyons and initiated the collaborative process to make ONE School a reality.

"A school will be black without apology from start to finish," said Davis-Lyons, who held creative positions at R / GA and Droga5 in New York and Colenso BBDO in New Zealand before joining Spotify.

"The letters are written by black strategists and taught by black tutors and lecturers, and students are brought together with black mentors in the industry," he said. “This is not about teaching black creatives how to fit into a predominantly white industry. It's about helping them build a portfolio that's both creative and 100% authentic to them. "

A school will not only teach you how to compose a book, but also how to navigate the industry while you are black. "Most lecturers will not only talk about creativity, but also about their personal experience as black creatives and sharing advice that will help a new generation," said Davis-Lyons.

Spotify is the main sponsor of the program. McCann Worldgroup, Ogilvy, R / GA and WPP are also on board to take over 10 of the 15 student places so far. The remaining sponsor places are available. The official dates for the first course in September will be announced shortly.

Due to the practical mentoring aspect of the program, registration for the course is limited to 15 students who have not previously attended an advertising school. Applicants are selected on the basis of their creativity, passion and commitment, so as not to discourage those without previous knowledge of advertising. They are asked to submit a short video about why they want to be an advertising creative, provide examples of their creativity in personal or professional projects, and respond to a short video.

The free online school will run two evenings a week for 16 weeks. Students will receive 10 brief information about the course, covering everything from OOH to innovation to data-driven storytelling. One night of the week, guest lectures by top black creatives are dedicated, the second is a two-to-three-hour tutorial by Davis-Lyons, in which the students process deeply into different channels, disciplines and creatives and receive personal evaluations of their work.

Later weeks of the course are devoted to building portfolios, assessment by top agency professionals, allocation of top student portfolios and job placement.

Davis-Lyons said a common excuse often heard by ECDs is that they only look at the work in the book.

This way of thinking ignores the systemic barriers and innate privilege of being able to pay $ 40,000 for two years at the advertising school to put together a book. ONE School wants to fix this imbalance, ”he said.

Isherwood repeated Davis-Lyon's argument about the importance of founding a school for and by people with color.

"A problem in many courses is people from the top of the business who are usually white and come in and talk to different students," he said. "Although this is meant well, it reinforces the students' perception that there is no one up there who looks like them. With our selection of lecturers and mentors, we are closing the gap and exposing young black creatives to leading companies in the industry that they are following who arrive where they come from and who connect to them faster than most CCOs. "

“The recent statement by Black Lives Matter, developed by our board and our employees, has demonstrated our commitment to meaningful measures to support, build and grow the Black Creative Community. This program is an example of this action, ”said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club. "Many agencies and brands have announced that they will support the black ad community, but many of them have no expertise. ONE school is the" how "they can support and support to make a real difference."


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