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I had to take last year off for personal reasons, which was a difficult decision after running this fundraiser since 2008. While it's much worse this year for a number of reasons I've talked a little stupidly about on social media, I felt like I needed to do something positive, not just for this incredibly important cause, but for myself. So the fundraiser / raffle is back!

If you've never heard of Movember before, let me explain. It is a charity that was founded to first raise awareness and raise funds for the research and treatment of prostate cancer. It now includes testicular cancer and mental health, which is very apt for me right now.

Prostate cancer took my grandfather's life and almost my uncle's life. Because his father died from it, he was tested when he was over 45 and it showed he had early signs of it. That was 20 years ago. He wouldn't be here today if he hadn't been tested. This cancer is very treatable if caught early!

That’s little me down left with my papie right behind me and my uncle Alain standing next to him

Men and creative women around the world grow mustaches to raise awareness and solicit donations for their individual fundraisers.

Here are some of my previous mustaches:

I asked camera equipment manufacturers to donate something for the raffle. This list of prices usually gets pretty amazing. In the past there have been cameras like the Sony A7S II, drones, lenses, lights … the list goes on. As I'm just starting the campaign, the list is very short, but hopefully it will grow every day.

My last Movember campaign in 2018 raised a staggering £ 23,965.40 which brought the total to £ 236,157 since I started in 2008!

It would be amazing to break a quarter of a million pounds this year!

Let me explain how it works for you

If you donate £ 10 / $ 15 or more to my campaign and then send me the receipt, you will be entered into the drawing. The more donations you make, the greater your chance of winning!

Here are the instructions in easy steps to enter the raffle.


1: Just go to this link that will take you straight to the donation page

2: Here you will be asked to enter your donation amount and your personal data.

3: Make sure the amount is at least £ 10 (around $ 15 or whatever the exchange rate, please make sure it is at least £ 10. You can of course donate more, but £ 10 is the minimum, to qualify for entry into the raffle. This is really important as I cannot enter you in the price otherwise.

4: You can participate as often as you want. As long as each donation is at least £ 10, you will receive an additional entry into the drawing. Once you have donated, you will receive a receipt by email. Please forward this to As soon as you get the auto-responder (which asks if you included the receipt), your receipt has been received. You don't have to send it again. Please don't do this as it will take some work to remove all duplicate emails at the end of the campaign. If you emailed it to this address, I will receive it. You don't need to email me to verify.

5: It is open to anyone in the world, not just the UK. If asked for a UK post code, you clicked the wrong link to start. You have chosen to join my team, what you are not doing to donate. This is the donation link.

6: You can enter immediately, you don't have to wait until November 1st. Entry ends December 1st at 11:59 PM GMT.

7: One price per ticket.

8: All import / customs taxes are the sole responsibility of the award winners. If you win something that you don't want, please email us immediately to let us know. We will have a new draw at a later date.

9: The exact date of the raffle will be announced in mid-December.

10. You donate directly to an organization that represents the charities – nothing goes for me. This is not a lottery, this is not a game of chance. Thank you for helping raise funds for Movember by receiving your receipt for a raffle on all equipment donated by many companies.


This year the film competition will also bring back. What you have to do is make a movie that shows mustaches in some way. No more than 60 seconds. Any genre. Whoever I think is the best will win a certain grand prize. As soon as I add more prizes I'll keep one for that and list it here. You still have to donate the same amount, but you also have two chances to win, once in the raffle and once in the film competition. All entries must be received by the same deadline as the raffle. You just have to make sure to send me your link, Vimeo or YouTube, to your movie when you send me your receipt. Please make it clear that you are taking part in the film competition!


If you represent a company who would like to add a prize to the raffle please email me or Sarah at

I promise there will be a ton of prizes. It's early days and I've only just started sending emails to the companies.

The wonderful people at SmallHD donated two great prizes!

First up there is their new Indie 7. A fantastic monitor that can have an optional camera control module for RED cameras including the Komodo! That's worth $ 800 !!

Your second prize is literally my favorite monitor! The 702 Touch. So much so that I made a video about it which you can check out below! That's worth $ 1,300!

Next up is the amazing Polar Pro. Makes some of the best filters I've ever used. My last video was partly about their new variable ND filters, but also about their new special diffusion versions called "Crap". I'm doing a follow-up video comparing the new variable ND filters with other brands. It's coming very soon. You can see the first video below!

You have generously donated two filters of your choice. They can either be both PMVND signature editions of different strengths, or both crap versions, or a combination of both. The winner also chooses the desired filter diameter! That's worth a whopping $ 450! A big thank you to Rockwell and the Polar Pro team!

Zacuto has donated every single Movember fundraiser, and again this year they're amazingly generous with a $ 750 voucher so you can choose what you want. Maybe for their amazing EVFs? They really are the best I've ever used!

That's me with my FX9 and Zacuto Kameleon Pro EVF!

Next up is another regular part of the Movember fundraiser! MZed has the best film training out there, after all, they have my two courses! My "Cinematic Masterclass" and "Filmmaking for Photographers"

Their annual MZed Pro memberships give you access to EVERYTHING, that's over 200 hours of incredible courses covering a wide range of movie topics. Check them out here!

They generously donated FIVE memberships, each of which cost nearly $ 300! Thanks Scott! 🙂

This is the list, like I said, this one will keep growing! Please take part in the raffle by making a donation. You have the chance to win amazing equipment / training AND help out on an extremely important cause.

Thank you very much!



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