How to become senior ReactJS Developer? Tips and tricks for you
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By the time you are reading this article, it means that you are already well on your way to becoming a senior developer. Regardless of whether you are currently Junior or Middle, this article is a great guide to maximize your time and knowledge with effective and useful tools.

First of all, React is an open source JavaScript library. It is widely used for SPA and various mobile applications. Let's start by digging the spoon in it.

Who is a ReactJS developer?

ReactJS developer is a software developer who mainly works with the front end of the user interface and uses the React library for his work.

React (or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library that can be used in development to quickly build mobile and web applications. First introduced in 2013 as Development product from Facebook, React JS is currently being developed and supported by Facebook and Instagram as well as an active developer community.

Originally, the React library was only intended for creating websites. With the publication of the React Native framework in 2015, the use of React in mobile development for the iOs and Android operating systems became possible.

What Are the Steps to Become a Senior React Developer?

People are used to developing professionally. Everyone has their own goals, but most of us will necessarily agree on the most important ones:

  • We don't want to live our lives with the stigma of an “incompetent employee”.
  • We want to be respected by our colleagues.
  • We want to feel smart and perfect.
  • We want to be valuable in our industry.

To accomplish the goals above, you can't just rest on your laurels and wait for it all to come by itself. Especially in the world of programming, which is constantly improving, changing and increasing the amount of information at an enormous speed. As more developers leave colleges and boot camps, we need to regularly improve our skills.

No, since you are a multilingual person who knows 10 different programming languages ​​and has created your own version of Jarvis, you will not become a senior developer. The fact is, a senior developer is someone who has a decent bag of knowledge, has a positive impact on young talent, and generally improves their company's performance indicators. You may know all about functional programming, but if you don't have the skills to communicate productively with the team, or if your knowledge isn't of actual value to the end user, you are not a lead developer.

Ask yourself:

How much do you contribute to your company / startup / company? A skilled programmer can bring order to the team and use their expertise to generate real value and successful stakeholder engagement.

You can find some of my tips on how to become a Senior React Developer. In addition to knowing the framework itself, as a senior you need constant self-development.

Spend some time exploring the main topics and following the resources below. If you are able to actively hone the skills presented, you will quickly become a leader in your industry. Of course, there will always be people who have more experience than you, but this does not prevent you from continuing to work on yourself and accumulating knowledge and various skills to get rid of the competition for a job. With this approach, you will definitely get the position of senior developer.

The main rule is not to stand still. You don't have to deal with one thing: expand the possibilities, learn languages, DBMS, IDEs and frameworks, learn fundamentally new approaches to programming because who knows what the same machine learning specialists will be doing in 5 years ? Everything changes and you need to master skills that will allow you to quickly adapt to new conditions.

Technical Skills for ReactJS Developers:

Technical skills for ReactJS developers

Older developers use a lot of "why" to understand technology:

  • Why is there this problem?
  • Why is there a structure?
  • Why should you use this solution?

As a programmer, you need to have a good understanding of all of the tools and ideas that can benefit the development lifecycle and select the tools that are most important to a particular project. Older developers always ask one question: "What can be changed and how can the product be improved?"

You will also understand how all elements connect and interact. To think like a senior developer, you need to master an effective information processing technique called mind mapping. This tool allows you to quickly create connections between ideas and technology, which takes learning to the next level.

For those who really write in JavaScript, this course will be useful. It presents information that is already sorted on the shelves. This is the best way to master a large amount of new material in a short period of time. By creating the right mind map, you can focus your company's resources on what matters most. Cover all aspects, not some.


This aspect is often overlooked. How do you work with your team? Are you cocky and stubborn in the category, or are you observant, willing to cooperate and strongly encourage team members? Senior developer doesn't prove anything to anyone. He doesn't have to: He immediately writes clean, simplified code and not one that looks demonstrative but is completely illegible in the eyes of other programmers. Senior Developer is ready to help others and answer any questions.

Social psychology is an important tool, and How to Make Friends and Influence People should definitely fill your bookshelf.

If you are one of the people under whose leadership people feel needed and heard, are important elements of a coherent work system, you are way ahead of your competitors.

Customer / user skills:

effective business communication

Can you hear customers or users? Do you understand what problems they face when offering something? The lead developer is also an attentive listener who can provide sound advice on solving problems. The senior developer is great at building relationships. He understands that both the customer and the developer benefit from productive interaction. Read Psychology of Influence to improve this skill. The effective business communication will help a lot for a successful project implementation.

Finally, you should be able to explain complex programming concepts of ReactJS and other frameworks to someone far from IT. Develop this skill by watching famous teachers address difficult topics.

Growing Skills:

Older developers learn new things every day. This does not mean that they sit in front of a computer 14 hours a day and read articles. You are more efficient. You're always trying to talk to other programmers, ask questions, or explore new topics. Seniors don't just focus on one knowledge. You might be the best at one thing, but if you don't know the full spectrum or understand what problem you are facing, you are no longer the best.

Older developers won't say, "Oh, I hate this library!" Most people only say this because they don't fully understand something. For example, don't say, "I hate jQuery. Only bad developers still use jQuery." The lead developer will say that "jQuery was instrumental in the development of the Internet and the popularity of JavaScript," and he would rightly say so really understand.

Interview skills:

Older programmers can communicate and sell their services to others. They can identify your employer's needs and instill confidence that you are the right person. Older developers need to be able to assume the role of leader in a project. Hence, it's all about submitting to an interview.

Community skills:

Older developers make a huge contribution to the programming community. This can be technical negotiation, speeches, and article writing. Older developers actively communicate with representatives of the industry. Such people don't just close in the box of their work area: they go out and communicate with people in other circles, which allows them to broaden their horizons. It's like a journey: the more cultures you learn, the more similarities and differences between people you see, and you begin to appreciate that difference.

I also advise you to do as many technical interviews as possible. Even if you already have a job.

In the future, you will gain experience with passing such interviews and answer many questions with confidence.

In the moment of passing technical tasks, you have an excellent opportunity to evaluate yourself and your level of knowledge about certain technologies. After the interview is over, try to find out more about your mistakes. Feel free to ask the correct answer. Analyze the result. Draw conclusions and go into battle! Strengthen this knowledge until you dream about it.


Develop these skills, but remember: you must enjoy what you are doing. If you don't find it interesting to study computer science and software development every day, you'll never become a senior developer because you have no real urge to improve. According to the Forbes study, a start-up helps if it hires a senior developer Chop growth.

But sometimes real passion doesn't come until you master the skill, and for that you have worked hard and tried to become a seasoned specialist in your industry. So be sure to start, and perhaps the path you choose will lead you to such a valued and revered position as a Senior ReactJS Developer. Do it!


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