How to keep your parking lot in good shape all year for business
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Your parking space is one of the most important parts of your property. It's a great way to attract customers when it's well cared for. Good parking spaces tell people that you know how to run your business and that you care about customers. Badly maintained parking lot could mean bad business. It is common business practice to maintain your parking space efficiently.

If it gets damaged or too dirty, it can become unsafe for customers.

Common problems with parking are:


Potholes are deep, curved holes on asphalt or concrete pavement. They cost the average driver hundreds of dollars each year due to delays, operating costs, and accident costs. Even top-class vehicles can be leveled through potholes. These form on the top and bottom layers of the concrete cannot bear the weight of traffic create a hole on it.

This is often due to rain or snowmelt, which penetrates the concrete through possible cracks. When this happens, the trapped moisture slowly deteriorates the subsoil and roadway, significantly weakening both layers.


Cracks are inevitable whether you are using concrete or asphalt for your parking lot. It is caused by fluctuating temperatures, constant and heavy traffic, and humidity. This problem opens the door to other issues for your parking lot floor.

Standing water:

Anytime it rains or snows and it gets to the bottom of your parking lot, there is a chance that stagnant water will build up on it. Standing water is created when water has nowhere to go and a pond is created on concrete and asphalt. These puddles are filled with disease-causing bacteria.

They can also break down the concrete slowly. Dismantling is faster if there are cracks on the sidewalk.

Faded color:

The color on your parking lot pavement guides the drivers where they should enter and leave your premises and where they should park their cars. Wear and tear and time can cause the paint to crack and eventually fade.

You need to fix patch problems immediately to avoid this Risks for your company. Here are some maintenance strategies to use:

Perform regular inspections::

The sooner you can spot a problem in your parking lot, the easier it is to fix it. Check your parking lot at least once a month to find cracks, potholes, and possible areas of standing water on the sidewalk.

If you do experience these problems, have them repaired immediately before they cause major damage to your concrete or asphalt.

Fix small problems:

Some road problems don't really require the help of professionals. Small cracks can be easily repaired by anyone. You can fill it with a cartridge gun. Just make sure the crack is free of dirt and moisture before filling it in. Paint chips are also easy to handle.

Just make sure you are using the same brand and variation of reflective road marking paint that your contractor uses.

Spray potholes:

Damaged potholes will expose the bottom of your pavement to moisture. Let professionals clean and repair it. They heat the asphalt and add it with a new batch of aggregate. This process can also be done on cracks on the sidewalk.

Have the drainage system repaired:

Drainage problems can be caused by potholes and cracks that catch the water flowing through them. If you've fixed these issues and there is still water on your property, consider calling a plumber to find out what is wrong with your sewer system. They make sure that your pipes and filters are clear of debris and that your sump is working properly.

If the problem persists, you may need to get help from a road construction company to tilt the hardwood floors so gravity can help rainwater get to the drainage holes.

Keep the parking lot clean:

Dirt and grime not only make your parking lot look dirty and unprofessional, they can also damage the concrete. This is especially true if the stains are from drops of oil and gasoline, as they can eat away at the chemicals that bind concrete and asphalt.

Sweep the parking lot and scrub away the stains and grime.

Don't forget to seal:

If you want concrete and asphalt to last a lifetime, you need to seal it. The sealant provides a protective layer against ultraviolet rays, moisture and wear and tear from daily traffic. Using sealant reduces your pavement's risk of problems that require expensive repairs.

Your parking lot is the first thing customers see and interact with when they drive to your place of business. As such, it should be clean and safe. Use these maintenance tips to keep your pavement in the best possible shape.


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