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Surprise episode!
Guest interview with Nikola Damjanov – one of the main artists at Nordeus. It's a great conversation in the mobile game space.


Impressive! Can you believe that We shot 25 episodes of amazing content with talented artists all over the world. There is so much knowledge that needs to be shared. Podcasting is a great medium for learning new things and being entertained. I encourage you to listen at your own pace and choose the episodes that sound most interesting to you! The best place to listen is when you are out and about, driving to work and cooking in the kitchen.

With the holiday season approaching, I'm also taking a break from releasing new episodes as I focus my personal efforts on some other upcoming projects. Fear not – the podcast will return in 2021 with new updates and a more polished look and feel as I work on production value in-house and clean up some past episodes with things like correct transcripts and metadata.

Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement. All of our interview guests, big and small. I am infinitely grateful for that. Until next time, keep rocking.


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