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Great new episode! I think the strength of podcasting is that it is not as limited in time as a radio or television show. So if there are great guests who have a lot of cool things to talk about, I don't mind even if the episode is 3 hours long.

Thank you for mentioning my @imbueFX effect – what an honor <3 by the way, because you are so in love with mountain biking: friends of mine released their Mountian bike game some time ago, which you might like: https: / /

On the subject of "cards are stacked against you" and "we are all competitors": I think it's true, but not as hard as it sounds. When I was in game school, of course, we were all 3D artists and we competed against each other when it came to applications at the end of our studies BUT we all developed our own styles and preferences. So we all went different paths that led us to different companies.
During my studies, I fell in love with fantasy environments and found a company that did a fantasy RPG. The people who loved making guns and cars went to Crytek … so everyone found their place.
I'm not sure if I understand what I mean.

Many thanks @TravisMcCallumto Bring us this cool podcast! I am super happy to hear that you are playing with the thought that also brings me in By the way: I would volunteer to interview YOU! : mild_smile: I feel like we know a lot about your guests, but not too much about you : mild_smile:


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