The Internet Reacts to DJI Teasing 2 New Gimbals
Dji Gimbal.jpg

DJI teases two new gimbals.

After releasing the Mavic Air 2, DJI focused on its gimbal line and announced the OM 4, a new smartphone stabilizer. A week ago, the company teased the Ronin S2 with an announcement date on September 9th. DJI has interrupted that and will release two gimbals in October. The details of this new one are unknown, but it could be a sequel to the Ronin SC that was released in 2019. But because of this short window, it seems unlikely.

The Ronin S2 will be the successor to the Ronin S that No Film School previously tested. What we do know about the Ronin S2, based on a leaked image, is that it could add a compact version of the Ronin 2's angled arm. So maybe it has a higher payload capacity without adding too much weight. In our opinion, this is where the second gimbal comes into play. DJI could offer two designs with different payload capacities. Or maybe it's the Ronin 3 and the Ronin S2. The internet had its own funny reactions:

No film school has contacted DJI about the move, and a spokesman gave us the following statement. "At DJI, our goal is always to bring products to market that inspire creativity and drive the industry forward. After careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the announcement from September 9th to a later date in October. We ask you to keep up to date The next generation of gimbal technology is now being unveiled next month so we can bring two incredible new ways for the creators of the world to capture the world around you. "

So update your calendars. What do you think is under the hood? Let us know in the comments below.


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