The World's First Professional 65mm Film Grain - Now Available!
Cinecolor Film Grain.jpg

I am very excited to be able to release the world's first 65mm professional film grain! And it's only available for the next 48 hours, along with my brand new 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film grains.

While there are other film grain options, most of them are created using only digital tools. They just don't look like a real movie because they're 100% digital.

Even the few “real” film grains available on the market do not match the consistency, quality, resolution and results that CINECOLOR film grain can offer. Not to mention that there really is no other option for the 65mm look!

This grain (available now at has been handcrafted frame-by-frame using high-resolution scans of real Kodak motion pictures and enhanced with a proprietary post-production process that delivers unsurpassed results.

I'm sure that literally no other grain on the market can match.

Each of our film grain files are mastered in 6K resolution for maximum versatility no matter what camera or format you are working with.

The 8mm and 16mm grit are perfect for adding a more obvious style / vintage effect to your ideas, while the 35mm and 65mm grit deliver a great, contemporary high-end aesthetic .

The 65mm grain, in particular, is incredibly clean – so much so that I would easily use it for commercial productions that normally wouldn't require grain. It adds a subtle film layer to any image it's applied to and is addicting.

All grain files are ProRes 6K (6144 x 3456 resolution) with a native aspect ratio of 16: 9. Each file has been carefully calibrated to ensure the correct grain size and density so you don't need to tweak any adjustments after applying for a realistic film image .

The grains can be purchased individually from the Film Grain Collection page on my CINECOLOR website or bundled as a set in the Film Grain Masterpack.

*** You can only pick up the Film Grain Masterpack for a 20% discount until August 15th! This is the lowest cost that you can buy this package for. So get yours before prices go up again.



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