This Is Not a Drill. Ava DuVernay Has Turned 'One Perfect Shot' into an HBO Docuseries
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HBO Max's new documentaries invite us to check out the most iconic footage of our favorite films.

Announced today, One Perfect Shot is a new streaming series that will explore the secrets of beloved movie moments.

One Perfect Shot is a half-hour, unwritten series produced by Warner Horizon Unscripted Television with DuVernay's production company ARRAY Filmworks and produced by Oscar nominee Ava DuVernay.

The show is named after a popular Twitter account of the same name. The Film School publisher rejects Neil Miller, who acquired One Perfect Shot in 2016.

The concept of the show sounds amazing. Each episode will feature a director who guides the audience through his most famous recordings. According to HBO Max, the show will use new VFX tools that will allow the director to "enter" the recording and explain it in a virtual, immersive, 360-degree version-Grad version of the set.

Each director will also discuss a film made from another film that inspired them.

Recognition: Columbia pictures

"I've wanted to do a series on the art of government for a long time," DuVernay said in WarnerMedia's press release. "Recording the craft of great filmmakers is a dream come true for me and all of us at ARRAY Filmworks. We are thrilled that our partners at Warner Horizon Unscripted Television have embraced this idea and look forward to making films with our friends on HBO Max. "

Will you watch Which films and directors would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!


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