Thou Shalt Not Hate – Raindance Film Festival

The son of a Holocaust survivor makes the split decision to let a neo-Nazi victim die in a car accident only to question the morality of his choice when confronted with the man's young family.

When the son of a Holocaust survivor, the surgeon Simone (Alessandro Gassmann), witnesses a hit-and-run, he makes the separate decision to let the neo-Nazi victim die. The confrontation with the consequences of his actions leads him directly to the man's young family.

With this award-winning small cast (praised at the Venice International Film Festival), director Mauro Mancini elegantly creates a cinematic experience that challenges the characters' morals in the face of their conflicting ideologies. Overarching moral questions permeate this film and reach a climax when both Simone and the neo-Nazi's son have to face their prejudices.

Thou Shalt Not Hate presents a tempting moral dilemma as it lifts central conflicts to a spiritual level where it reflects the value of a life by neither condemning nor condemning ideologies. A real success thanks to the rich characterization through which he thoroughly examines how deep a father's influence really is on his children.

Michelangelo De Cia BA Film and Film Studies, London College of Communication

You Shall Not Hate will be streamed on November 5th.

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