List of the best golf video games
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The majority of sports lovers pay more attention to video games like NBA2K and Madden from the Blockbuster series than most others. However, you may be missing out on some of the most amazing sports game experiences like golf. If you ever want to play real golf, check out the best Algarve golf courses. In the meantime, here are our three best golf video games that will only surprise your imagination.

Tiger Woods PGA 2004:

This game is actually the top rated of all games in the Tiger Woods series. The game is very unique and original in the sense that it contains things that have never been in other games. This is an advanced stimulation from EA Sports that is perfect for today. The majority of golfers describe it as the only way to actually find their way around virtual links.

However, this is not the first publication of the EA sports games, in the genre of golf. The swing control on digital-analog has been perfected in this game. Gary MacCord and John Daly for the series in this game, a real-time golf event calendar, were introduced to prove the player with a range of licensed tools, including Ping Putter and Titleist golf balls. You can break 59 throughout if you have practiced well with the advanced iterations at Tiger Woods golf games. This is despite the fact that the iteration process faced some challenges.

Golden Tea 2013:

This game, an arcade series powered by coins, is ideal for those who prefer the option of using pint while clicking the links. Since Incredible Technologies released this golf video game in 1989, it has grown in popularity year after year since the latest version was released in 2013.

The latest iteration graphics from Golden Tea surpass any modern console video game when playing golf. In addition, it has an iconic trackball control that is the best ever. You will find that game controls are too simplistic, especially if you shot at a real tee before. The most fulfilling part is rolling the ball back and pushing it forward quickly while the virtual driver is in control.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13:

One of the best experiences of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 can be found in the Challenge of Tiger Legacy. There are several key areas where the player can play several key golfing events that will help advance your golfing career.

The game offers some complex key controls for analog-digital. This focuses more on the speed and direction of the ball and timing. It gives golfers the choice to use a club to control everything swing related. Mastering will take longer, but the golf sim feels more advanced.

With the rise of the console video game generation, the graphics of the Tiger Woods Tour 13 can be seen as updated. However, the game marks some important steps in converting video games into future versions that are stimulated as fully-fledged by the Sim hybrid or an arcade.

Note that while the latest version of this game is far from the best in the series, the mode setting can be very interesting.

In addition to the three top games listed above, there are other good golf video games. These included Prostroke Golf by John Daly, Cyber ​​Tiger with PGA players, SimGolf by Sid Meier, Link 2013, Hot Shots and Mario Golf. The Tiger Woods series also offers some other great golf games, including the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 with playable courses from Augusta National and Caddy.


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